Beautiful and dramatic

Find your Magic Moments with Classic Norway ...

Reine Rorbuer

Take a Moment

Escape from your hectic dayli life and pamper yourself

Finnøy Havstuer

Middle of the City

With fjord and mountain views

Molde Fjordstuer

Autentic Viking Island

The guests roam between the buildings here, just like they did in a living fishermen’s community in the olden days.

Håholmen Havstuer

At the edge of the ocean

One of the most dramatic stretches along the Norwegian coast.

Hustadvika Gesthouse

Authentic old fishing village

One of Norway's oldest and best preserved fishing villages


Angvik Gamle Handelssted

A rare gem in the Norwegian hotel environment

Angvik Gamle Handelssted

Geiranger's world-famous view

Take a Moment ...

Hotell Utsikten, Geiranger

Experience, no sound

Pamper yourself with peace and quiet

Valldal Fjordhotell

By the beach

Sørlandets perhaps finest hotel. Since 1937, the hotel has emerged as an exotic sanctuary

Strand Hotel Fevik

Ramme Fjordhotell

In the footsteps of Munch

Ramme Fjordhotell

Unique and beautiful

Staying with us is like having a small house in Lofoten

Nyvågar Rorbuhotell

"Venize of the north"

Once, this place was one of the world's richest fishing grounds ...

Henningsvær Bryggehotell

Exotic Flatflesa lighthouse

A rock in the ocean

Flatflesa Lighthouse

Old fishing villages

"It's something dramatic and vibrant here that attracts me"

Ona Havstuer
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