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Small hotels in big surroundings

As of today, Classic Norway has 13 hotels, situated in the Nordvestlandet (the northern part of western Norway) and in the Lofoten islands.

The hotels are small, with an intimate atmosphere and closely connected to the local community. The food is almost exclusively based on local ingredients. All hotels are situated in regions that are internationally famous for breathtaking nature. Vacation/leisure time or lecture/conference: nobody will provide you with a better experience of the culture and nature than Classic Norway. Welcome!

Courses and meetings

Welcome to lecture and meeting experiences that are in a class of their own.

When we ask our business customers why they come back again and again with new people and groups, they use words such as “effective”, “different”, “completely detached from everyday life”, “uniting”, “team-building”, “memorable”, and “fun”. They also give us points for good service, delicious food based on local ingredients, and superb activities offered.

Let the travelling be a part of the experience

All Classic Norway Hotels are easy to access. If you and your group come from other parts of the country, there is always an airport close-by.

From there, we can pick you up by bus or boat and give you a tour that will make even those who have travelled widely pinch themselves.

Classic Norway Event

Should you arrange it yourself or buy a seamless event from Classic Norway Event?

If you know where you want to go and what you want, you can just order it directly from the hotel. However, many people choose to let Classic Norway Event arrange it all, with the transfer, the stay, meals, activities, etc., included in a package. Even the plane tickets can be included.

It’s also possible to have the tour include two or more hotels, since the distance between them is often short.

  • Lectures and conferences
  • Strategy meetings
  • Board meetings
  • Sales meetings
  • Reward trips
  • Customer and supplier trips
  • Christmas tables
  • Anniversary celebrations

Classic Norway Event helps you on the phone number + 47 71 20 50 00


Welcome to the completely unique holiday adventures

Our small hotels offer completely unique vacation experiences. You will get close to the local community and become a part of the nature of the region: the fjord, the sea, and the mountains.

If you wish new and genuine, fabulous experiences, we will know where you should go.

The food is widely known for its high quality. The ingredients are as local as it gets; and the cooks know how to offer you grand tasting experiences.



Cycle or drive between the hotels

The most amazing bike and car trips in the world? Our hotels are located as a group in the Nordvestlandet (the northern part of western Norway) and in the Lofoten islands.

Short distances between the hotels mean that you can combine two or more hotels and have a fantastic vacation or weekend at a slow pace.

The gang on tour

All hotels offer activities based on the local community and nature.

Some of these, such as ocean rafting, deep sea fishing, diving, and boat trips, require a certain number of participants. See the activities under each individual hotel.

Experts on unforgettable weddings

All Classic Norway hotels can receive a bride and groom as well as their guests for dining and staying overnight.

Four hotels have put together completely special adventure packages that are unparalleled: Håholmen Havstuer, Hustadvika Gjestegård, Hotel Utsikten Geiranger and Angvik Gamle Handelssted. They make use of both local ingredients for meals and the nature itself to carry out the adventure.
  • You and your loved one
  • Wedding
  • Whole family
  • Extended family
  • Friend group
  • Company
  • Work colleagues

Headquarters at your service

The headquarters in Molde coordinates and manages the sales, marketing, events, and the operating of all the hotels. The office is also responsible for the operating and booking of the charter boat M/S Nordic Lady.

Classic Norway Hotels have a shared booking system. The headquarters has an overview of available rooms and activities at all hotels at any given moment.

The office receives visitors on all business days between 08:00-16:00

Classic Norway Hotels
Øvre veg 24, 6415 MOLDE
Tel. +47 71 20 50 00


Classic Norway Drift AS
Nøisomhed, Fannestrandsvegen 125, 6405 MOLDE
Tel. +47 71 20 22 28


Runar Myklebust
managing Senior Vice President
Tel. +47 950 53 489


Trond Jansen
Marketing Director
Tel. 901 16 555


Terje Hatlen Stokke
operating Senior Vice President
Tel. +47 996 90 906


Ragnar Palsson
Senior Vice President - Lofoten
Tel. +47 905 96 663


Mette Sæter

Sales and Marketing Coordinator
Tel. +47 938 83 777


Ragnar Heggdal

Event Manager
Tel. +47 909 29 814


Heidi Reistad

Key Account Manager
Tel. +47 400 38 900


Kjell Einar Årsland

Finance Manager
Tel. +47 71 20 10 65


The idea of a hotel chain consisting of small distinctive hotels in our region took shape in the period of 1999/2000. This resulted in the formal establishing of Classic Norway AS in 2003.

To begin with, we had just two hotels; Hustadvika Gjestegård and Bjorligard Hotel. As the idea to develop and establish more hotels, which would collectively represent the variety in our exciting region ripened, it became a natural development to buy, build, and develop more hotels that fitted in this concept.

In 2004, we bought Håholmen Havstuer in the Averøy district. It was an old fishing village from the 18th century, owned and operated by the well-known adventurer Ragnar Thorseth. In 2006, Ona Havstuer (Ona Sea Cabins), Finnøy Havstuer (Finnøy Sea Cabins), and Molde Fjordstuer (Molde Fjord Cabins) also became good members of the family. In 2007, Angvik Gamle Handelssted was built and renovated, and in May 2008, we bought the charming and venerable Hotel Utsikten in Geiranger. They opened their doors to the guests for the first time as long ago as in 1891.

In 2013, the hotel chain Det Virkelig Gode Liv became, due to an acquisition and cooperation agreements, Classic Norway. Because of this, Classic Norway Hotels now has 3 new hotels and fishermen’s cabins in the Lofoten islands, in addition to its 9 hotels in the Nordvestlandet.

Classic Norway is owned by Berg Invest AS located at Nøisomhed in Molde with mail and visiting address: Fannestransdvegen 125, 6415 MOLDE.

Heart.png Everything built and developed with local presence and enthusiasm. And especially; with a great love for our sites !


MS Nordic Lady – a charter boat that fits 44 passengers

Nordic Lady is a high-speed monohull passenger boat, type Scirocco 50, with a top speed of up to 35 knots.

The boat has spacious lounges with seating groups. The two upper decks can fit all passengers. Beer, wine, and snacks can be served on board.

Many Classic Norway hotels are located by the fjord, coast, or sea. It is easy to see why many visitors choose a boat for both getting around and having an adventure. We have access to a big number of boats of different types. Our own and supplied by our partners. Contact Mette Sæter, who is in charge of booking boats.

Mette Sæter
Sales and Marketing Coordinato - Booking boats


Classic Norway Event

Planning and put together many individual elements of a comprehensive and good program, requires extensive knowledge and long experience.


We are in the fortunate situation that we have our own hotel, excellent cuisine, exciting activities, efficient transport and many committed people in our hotels. What we ourselves can not offer, we organize through good partners and networks. We are making it easier, safer, better and more affordable for you and your group by selecting Classic Norway Event to your next event.

Some good reasons to choose us

- Long experience

- Local knowledge

- Ideas for program content

- Tailoring

- One contact point

- Quality Assurance

- Evaluation

- One invoice

Try us !