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The Hotel

Finnøy Sea Cottages – an old trading station with hosting traditions

Finnøy Sea Cottages is located on an island with a narrow land bridge, in the rooms of the old trading station and fish reception on Finnøy. Here we offer overnight stay, restaurant, modern meeting rooms, pub and summer shop. Plus the unbelievable aqualand Håp i havet (Hope in the Sea).
The hotel has 46 double rooms and 4 large family rooms. You are sincerely welcome!

Vi på Finnøy Havstuer har lang erfaring med tilrettelegging for flere typer arrangement. Skreddersøm er et sentralt begrep når vi skal designe et arrangement for våre kurs / konferanse og bedriftskunder. Det vil sjelden eller aldri være mulig å legge "blåpapir" på tidligere gjennomførte arrangement.

Som godt vertskap ønsker vi å gi en god opplevelse og trivsel hos oss.

Vi har gode samarbeidspartnere som leverer kvalitetsikret transport og andre tjenester som underholdning og forelesere



Large well-lighted rooms with a great view

The rooms at Finnøy Sea Cottages are inspired from the surroundings: Plenty of space, lots of light and a grand view. The rooms offer good working space when they are used professionally. Vacation guests may always count on the possibility of an extra bed.

We have a total of 50 hotel rooms

"HOLMEN" 28 room
"BRYGGA" 16 rooms, 4 family room


Food and drinks

You don't believe it before you have tasted it

Our Swedish chef uses almost exclusively local raw materials and prefers what the sea offers. Additionally he offers small scale produced goodies from all of Møre and Romsdal. And then he starts up with combinations and tastes which generate cheers.
A good meal is not only good food and good drink; The atmosphere and surroundings are also setting a great setting for your meal.

The restaurant has the capacity to serve food to 140 people.

Courses and meetings

Finnøy offers good working conditions for both course leaders and participants

At Finnøy Sea Cottages we have long experience in event organization. Different wishes and needs make us fit the occasion – not least concerning courses and meetings.
Transport, entertainment, lecturers and other services are offered through quality controlled co-operation partners.

Meeting rooms with a "soul" are important for a good meeting. The combination of old and new sets a good framework for meeting activity and inspires to good decisions.

Gåsøy (Room 1)
- Cinema setup: Recommended for 60 persons - Classroom: 40 people
- Boardroom anbafalt 16 people - U-table recommended 26 people

Sæterøy (Room 2)
- Cinema setup: Recommended for 70 persons - Classroom: 55 people
- Boardroom anbafalt 26 people - U-table recommended 30 people

Butikken (Room 3)
- Boardroom recommended 19 people

Standard AV meeting equipment with wireless networks available. Do you have special needs, talk to us, we will arrange everything.


Aquavite Shop

Welcome to new tasting experience.

The Aquavite Shop is a centre of experience for anybody appreciating Norwegian table traditions. Our shelves hold no less than 50 different Norwegian aquavites. The Aquavite Shop is a result of the hotel director's and the chef's genuine interest and great knowledge in the field.

We have long had a passion for Norwegian food and drink traditions, and now the dream of our own AQUAVITE SHOP has been realized. The bar is housed in the old shop rooms from 1890 – a perfect frame for enjoyment and knowledge.

A visit to the AQUAVITE SHOP is suitable for groups from 4 to 25.

Choose between these alternatives:

Alt 1. - Tasting of 2 x locally produces beers and 3 x Norwegian aquavites

Alt 2. - Tasting of 2 x locally produces beers and 3 x Norwegian aquavites + a little food

Alt 3. – According to order/ wish.



Finnøy Sea Cottages makes great events even better

We are good at jubilees, weddings, company events and other occasions in a festive mood. And then it is very practical that everybody can stay overnight instead of breaking up and travelling home. The fantastic food and the great surroundings carry the whole event.

Small and large rooms offer options for smaller and larger parties. All told we are able to serve 275 guests simultaneously, divided over several rooms.

In the main building we can serve 140 on the ground floor and 110 on the second floor.

In the emotional "Shop" we offer food and bar for groups up to 5 persons.

- 140 guests

GÅSØYA - (Meeting room 1)
- Recommended for 50 guests

SÆTERØYA - (Meeting room 2)
- Recommended for 60 guests

- Recommended for 25 guests



Håp i Havet

You have never seen an aquapark like it. All is new and offers a fantastic view of the open ocean. Indoors you will find an 8.5 x 12.5 m basin, child basin with bubble bench and water stream, sauna and steam bath. And not to forget: Water slide with timetaking.


Summer open between 23rd June -12th August

All days: 12.00 - 17.00

Apart from opening hours it is possible to buy tickets at the reception at Finnøy Havstuer.

NB! The aquuapark closes the doors, also for members,
kl. 21.00 Fridays and Saturdays.

"Håp i Havet" aquapark features
- wardrobes with lockable closets.
- Workout rooms with top modern equipment.
- Kiosk with simple warm dishes and kiosk goods (accessible during opening hours).

Hotel guests also have access outside opening hours. Tickets and key are available in the reception against a deposit of NOK 200. For safety reasons there always have to be two adults present.



From grazing land to important trading and production location

Finnøy is located north of Harøy and is connected with road and bridge. Finnøy is a small, rustic island with some 100 permanent residents. Initially, farmers from Sandøy used Finnøy for grazing. Only in 1868 the island became settled.

Later, the trading station and fish production developed. Finnøy had a good location for landing and onward transport of fish and therefore became a shipping centre.

In old times the rooms of Finnøy Sea Cottages were used for production of dried cod and salting herring, they also housed a ship-chandler.

Maybe Finnøy initially became known for the "Finnøy engine", the first combustion engine made for use in fishing boats. Nils N. Finnøy built his first fishing boat engine in 1902 for Andreas H. and Andreas Eivindsen Finnøy. This became the first Norwegian built engine for the fishing fleet. Nils N. Finnøy was decorated with the Royal Medal of Merit in silver on his 70th anniversary 28 November 1935.

Finnøy Motor to-day manufactures gears and propellers.