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The Hotel

The hotel is an original cluster of houses, and you will enjoy yourself here

Håholmen Sea Cottages consists of 25 buildings, including the main building, meeting rooms, hotel rooms, a pub, a restaurant, and a museum. The guests roam between the buildings here, just like they did in a living fishermen’s community in the olden days.
It is very inspiring to experience the coastal culture and nature this way. Our lecture and conference guests as well as summer tourists completely agree on this.
The hotel has a total of 100 beds in 49 rooms, as well as first-class meeting and lecture facilities.

Vi har totalt 49 rom, alle fordelt i små hus rundt på Håholmen i et tett miljø. Vi har 100 komfortable senger, som er fordelt i alt fra gamle, sjarmerende og intime hus fra 1700-1800- tallet, til koselige og nyoppbygde hus. Mange hus har fått navn etter holmer og skjær som hører til Håholmen eller ligger i nærheten. Andre etter personer som har hatt en spesiell tilknytning til Håholmen.

Hotellet har alle rettigheter og fasiliteter til å dekke de fleste behov.

Vi har sommeråpent 22. juni – 11. august

I sommersesongen går båten hver hele time mellom kl. 11.00 og kl. 21.00. Avganger før og etter disse tidspunktene etter avtale.
I kurs / konferanse sesongen går båten etter avtale, fortrinnsvis på hel klokketime.

Silver Bell Kro:
God maritim stemning med historisk sus. Den gamle innerbrygga huser vår kro / pub med sitteplass til ca 100 personer. En perfekt plass å avslutte kvelden!

Det gamle bakeriet er et intimt og koselig sted og ligger midt i det gamle bomiljøet på Håholmen. Vi fyrer opp i peisen og stemningen er garantert. Ypperlig for små grupper som skal løse store verdensproblemer! 

Parkeringsplassen ligger på Geitøya på Atlanterhavsveien (Rv. 64) og har god kapasitet. Ca 30 meter til kai. Gratis parkering.

Kaiplass til større båter / skip og flytebrygge til fritidsbåter. "Aldri fullt!" Kr. 100,- pr natt, inkludert fri bruk av dusj og toalett på kaia. Strøm, vann og vaskemaskin tilgjengelig.

Alle rom har bad med dusj. Det er ikke TV eller telefon på rommet, så her kan du virkelig nyte stillheten og slappe av!



People have come together to meet here for several hundred years.

Today, it is a lecture and meeting place that is in high demand among visitors from the whole world. Originally, it was a dynamic community based on trade, fishing, and sea transport. There used to be a gathering place for fishermen, sailors, shopkeepers, and merchants here, in the fishing camp Håholmen on Hustadvika, a heritage worth protecting. Now, it is you and the participants of your meeting who will experience the power that is found here.

The history and location of one of the most exposed stretches of the Norwegian coast makes Håholmen unique. The fishing camp consists of 25 buildings, many of them dating back to the 17 th and 18th century; and to a great extent the camp looks just the way it once did.

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Courses and meetings

The hotel is adapted and equipped for effective meetings for 2 to 100 participants. The structure of the building and its location on an island have a uniting

The hotel is adapted and equipped for effective meetings. The structure of the building and its location on an island have a uniting effect and create a desire to work. All meeting rooms have projectors, screens, flip charts, and whiteboards. Håholmen has wireless Internet covering the whole premises; and there is also the option of cable Internet in some parts of the islet. All meeting rooms have screens to boost creativity and a peaceful working environment.

K1: Situated next to Innerbrygga, by the reception. Recommended setup: horseshoe-style setup for 26, classroom-style setup for 60, and cinema-style setup for 80 people.

K2: Suitable for small groups. Recommended setup: conference table/horseshoe-style setup for 14, classroom-style setup for 16, and cinema-style setup for 20 people.

Sørnaustet: A meeting room with a view overlooking the ocean. Recommended setup: horseshoe-style setup for 24 or classroom-style setup for 36 people.

The lounge: The old pier attic creates an inspiring atmosphere. Recommended setup: horseshoe-style/long table setup for 20 or classroom-style setup for 30 people.

A group room for up to 10 people: Consulatet and Draksehuset are the two biggest hotel rooms and have sitting rooms with a dining table. Both can be equipped with a simple audiovisual system.

Saga Siglar Hallen is the most special meeting room in Norway. Here are the remains of the Viking ship replica Saga Siglar and artefacts from adventurer Ragnar Thorseth’s many adventures. Cinema-style setup for up to 100 people.



Nobody risks getting a room with a view overlooking a grey back yard here

Most rooms are spacious double rooms with a great view. We also have bigger rooms with more bedrooms and a living room.

The rooms are located in various buildings. All rooms have a bathroom with a shower. No rooms have a TV set. All rooms are covered with the wireless Internet network of the hotel.


Food and drinks

Get excited about the great eating experiences

Håholmen is famous for exquisite food. The cooks use local ingredients and recipes and prepare the food from scratch. The fact that it’s sea food that is served in an old fishing camp is hardly a surprise. The choice of wines is great and matches the menu.

Six distinctive serving halls provide a variety of options to choose from, depending on the number of people, the view, and whether the group wishes privacy.

Ytterbrygga (the Outer Pier), first floor is divided into two halls, with a sliding door in between. The total capacity is 120 people.

Ytterbrygga (the Outer Pier), second floor – The lounge – seats up to 50 dinner guests. The accompanying lounges stimulate good conversations after dinner.

Blåsalen (the Blue Hall) has a fantastic view overlooking the ocean and the sunset. Seats up to 80 people.

Rosasalen (the Pink Hall) is a snug and cosy dining hall with a historical atmosphere. Seats up to 40 people.

Sørnaustet (the Southern Boathouse) is situated on the cape, very close to the ocean. A fantastic venue for up to 50 people. On the evenings when the weather permits, the sunset can be enjoyed from the terrace.

Silver Bell Kro (Silver Bell Pub) is a rustic facility with coarse long tables and a historical atmosphere. It is often used for having lunch and finishing off pleasant evenings. Seats 100 people.



Would you like to have a wedding that will be remembered for a lifetime?

Håholmen is a unique setting for the wedding celebration. The whole stay, starting from the arrival on the Viking ship “Kvitserk” and ending with the breakfast the day after, is going to appear almost unreal. The wedding night is spent in the bride and groom’s house by the sea, and the whole islet is closed off for everyone else than the bride and groom with their guests.
The wedding ceremony itself can also be arranged here, if desired.

We at Håholmen Sea Cottages arrange many weddings during a year. Together with the bride and groom, we plan a spectacular event that makes full use of the special charm and characteristic traits of

Håholmen. We can promise you a wedding that the bride and groom as well as their guests will be talking about as long as they live.

This is a very popular suggested programme:

At 13:00 Wedding in one of the 4 churches on Averøy

The Kornstad church is closest to Håholmen (about 25 min). There is also a beautiful stave church in Kvernes, built in the 14th Century.
If the bride and groom wish to get married in Håholmen, it can be done either outdoors or inside the Saga Siglar Hall.

At 14:00 The wedding guests go by Viking ship “Kvitserk” from Geitøya to Håholmen. Sparkling wine and finger food are served on the quayside.

At 15:30 The bride and groom arrive in the bar, and toasts are made with champagne.

At 16:30 A festive dinner based on seafood in Ytterbrygga.

At 20:00 Coffee with liquor.

At 20:30 Cake and coffee are served, the newlyweds cut up the wedding cake.

At 22:00 The wedding dance.

At 22:30 Bar, music, and dancing in pleasant facilities.

At 24:00 Late night snacks.

At 01:30 The newlyweds sneak out and enjoy sparkling wine in their suite.

At 02:00 The bar closes and we retire

The next morning, a combined breakfast/brunch is served in Ytterbrygga.

Our hosts at Håholmen Sea Cottages offer:
- A planning and advisory meeting
- Showing you around on Håholmen
- Rehearsal dinner
- Putting together the programme


Summer 2015

Håholmen Sea Cottages is open for tourists and boaters this summer during the period from 22 June to 11 August.

Parking: The parking lot has many spaces and is situated on Geitøya on the Atlantic Road (Atlanterhavsveien (Rv. 64)), 30 metres from the quay. Free parking.

Boat transport from Geitøya at every full hour between 11 and 21 during the summer season. Earlier or later departures on demand.
Gjestehavna (the Guest Harbour) has mooring spots for bigger boats/ships and the floating dock for pleasure craft. “Never full!” It costs 100 Norwegian kroner per night, including free use of shower and toilet on the quay. Access to electricity, water, and washing machines

Silver Bell Kro (Silver Bell Pub) has a great maritime atmosphere and a historical feel. This old inner wharf has a pub with seating for up to about 100 people. A perfect place for finishing off an evening!

Thecla – the old bakery is an intimate and cosy place in the middle of the old living environment on Håholmen. The fire in the fireplace guarantees the right atmosphere. Excellent for small groups that will solve big world problems!

The old bakery is an intimate and cosy place in the middle of the old living environment on Håholmen. The fire in the fireplace guarantees the right atmosphere. Excellent for small groups that will solve big world problems!

Accommodation: See Rooms.



You will find activities that inspire and unite here.

Håholmen Sea Cottages offers a range of exciting activities for bigger and smaller groups. With the exception of a lovely hike to the caves on dry land, the activities are, perhaps not surprisingly, connected with the sea: boat trips, fishing from the boat, and diving.