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The Hotel

The name says it all; this view is found only here

Hotel Utsikten Geiranger is the topmost hotel in Geiranger. There is nowhere else you can wake up, eat breakfast, or enjoy dinner with this incredible view. The hotel has been located here since 1893. It was the time when most hotels in Geiranger were established.
Hotel Utsikten Geiranger is open from May to September. Guests arrive from all over the world to visit this unique fjord landscape. The hotel is also a popular venue for weddings, anniversaries, courses, and corporate events.

Hotel Utsikten Bellevue was built by Edvard Hole. He ran it until 1907. Then he rented the hotel to Lars R. Dahl from the famous hotel family who ran hotels in both Ålesund and Øye. In 1908, Dahl bought the hotel. He modernised and built it in 1913, in 1925, and in 1938.

After the last building phase, the hotel had 50 beds and a dining room for 100 people. At this time, the hotel had 4 saddle-horses and 4 open cars. Emperor Wilhelm II visited the hotel several times. Close to it, a memorial stone for Emperor Wilhelm and a memorial stone of royal coronation in 1906 were erected.

Lars R. Dahl handed the activities over to his son John and his wife Inghild who built 12 new rooms in 1958.

In 1979, the hotel was bought by Elsie and Oddmund Andvik. They ran it as a health hotel, free of tobacco and alcohol. The Andvik couple died in a tragic car accident, and their heirs sold the hotel to Ida Ragna Krohn Venås in 2004.
Classic Norway Hotels bought the hotel in 2008.



When you speak about Norway elsewhere in the world, it’s enough if you say “Geiranger”

Geiranger is one of Norway’s internationally best known travel destinations. The village, which is home to 300 inhabitants, and the fjord with its amazing farms are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Geiranger itself is an icon of “The Fjords”.
Geiranger is not a place you watch. You go inside the pictures. You can get to those farms. You can almost touch those famous waterfalls. You can feel what life was like here in the olden days. And you can understand why the royalty from the whole Europe travelled here of all places more than 100 years ago to get unique experiences.

Geiranger was a rather isolated village in the early 19th century. Back then, nothing was known about tourist traffic and little about communications. It became a big turning point for the village when S/S ”Søndmør” came to Geiranger for the first time on 29 January 1858. Now, the villagers were able to communicate better with the neighbouring villages, as well as with Ålesund.

In 1869, the first tourist ship, the yacht "Nereid", came to Geiranger. The same year, Martinus Maråk got access to a plot of land in Maråkvika, and a big building of the "lån" type was erected there. It became a trading house and Merok hotel.

After that, the hotels were built – Geiranger (1885), Union (1891), Utsikten (1893), and Djupvasshytta (1892).


Courses and meetings

It is high up where people get an overview

Geiranger is something completely unique; and so is Hotel Utsikten Geiranger. We are located high up. We have the most amazing choices for break time and experiences available on our doorstep. And we are a small hotel with a lot of flexibility.
We have a lecture room for 60 people. But those up to 60 people you take with you here are going to thank you for your choice

Vi legger til rette for at din bedrift skal få et opplevelsesrikt opphold hos oss! Vi har kurslokale til 60 personer, og skulle dere ønske aktiviteter under oppholdet, hjelper vi gjerne til med å skreddersy disse. Som et lite hotell har vi muligheten til å møte hver enkelt bedrifts behov. Ved å kombinere det faglige med spennende aktiviteter, blir besøket en unik opplevelse.


Hotel rooms

We have only 29 rooms, so nobody gets lost in the crowd here

Each room has its own touch and its distinctive character. Otherwise, there is basically nothing they lack. Do you know the phrase “a room with a view”? Many of our rooms have the finest view in the entire world.
Dobbeltrom 19
Enkeltrom 5
Familierom 5




Here in Geiranger, we make your big day even bigger

Hotel Utsikten Geiranger is a popular place among the brides and grooms. As a small hotel, we can book everything for the bride and groom as well as their guests. The view and Geiranger are an outstanding frame for the biggest day of your life.

The wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life. Everything must be perfect. Here with us, that day will be perfect. In addition, you will save a lot of money and be spared lots of concerns if you let us take care of most of the practical preparations. We would like to invite you here, to Geiranger, to show you around. While here, you can tell us a bit about the expectations that you have.

If you have guests coming from far away, Geiranger will be an especially breathtaking bonus experience.


The hotel Utsikten has 29 hotel rooms; and we can book the whole hotel for the bride and groom and their guests. weddings.

The wedding
It is important that the bride and groom would make a grand entrance to their wedding. We have good contacts and can provide a Buick car for you to arrive in.

While they are waiting
The guests usually arrive before the bride and groom. We can shorten the waiting time with aperitifs and snacks in the garden. A serving example can be champagne, confectionery and fruit, rosé wine and tapas or white wine and canapés.
The bride and groom will turn into the yard in a Buick cabriolet while the guests greet them with applause.

The meal
The wedding dinner is always a highlight. On the E-shaped table in the restaurant, we can set the table for up to 70 guests.

All the serving details are coordinated beforehand between the butler and the toastmaster, so that the people gathered sense a good balance when it comes to drinks being served, speeches, and food. The menus are based on local ingredients, and the meals are prepared according to traditional recipes. If the bride and groom prefer a different kind of menu, we will do our best to accommodate you.

The bridal waltz and entertainment
After dinner, it is time for polonaise and the bridal waltz. Now, we will also get the chance to make use of the party hall next to the restaurant, which has plenty of space for entertainment, musical performances, and dancing until the early hours.

The wedding night
The hotel reserves the finest suite (2 rooms) for the bride and groom. Here, the newlyweds will withdraw to champagne and strawberries and digest while digesting all the impressions.

The day after
Many brides and grooms wish to meet all of their guests from the big night again in the morning, to treat them to a long, delicious breakfast. To those who would like to spend the day in Geiranger, we recommend, for example, the Storseterfossen waterfall, the historic mountain farm Skageflå, or a fjord cruise on the Geiranger fjord.



The Geiranger World Heritage Site sends nobody back home disappointed

Hotel Utsikten Geiranger is literally located in the middle of a pot of gold. If you want to stroll around in the immediate neighbourhood, we can give you a map and good advice. If you want a little more, we and our partners can arrange almost anything.

Geiranger – Ålesund – Molde by boat.
Molde – Åndalnes – Trollstigen along the road. This legendary tour offers you several of Norway’s most famous sights within one day.