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The Stoplelei Wreck

The exhibition is located just a few steps from the main building.

A film from this wreck can be shown as well.

A landmark sign on the seabed tells divers that they are on the spot where the Dutch trade vessel shipwrecked.

Hustadvika's coolest attraction
The ship shipwrecked in the early XVIII century. In 1985, two divers from Molde came across the so-called Stoplelei wreck located in Hustadvika. Marine archaeologists took an immediate interest in the ship.

When the unknown trade vessel went totally down in Stopleleden for nearly 300 years ago, it was one of the roughest stretches along the Norwegian coast. Dutch ships were a common sight at the time. From the late XVI century and well into the XVII, Romsdalen and Nordmøre were part of a comprehensive timber trade with the continent. Many describe this period as the Dutch time because of Norway's trade with the Netherlands - Europe's leading shipbuilder nation at the time

Food collection dive became historical discovery

In the winter holiday of 1985, Lynne Johansen and David Berg Tuddenham went to Hustadvika for diving trip. The two men were looking for scallops, crabs and other good stuff, but they shifted focus when they discovered a lot of yellow bricks on the seabed. During the dive, they realised that they had found a shipwreck with a very exciting cargo. The finding was reported to the Trondheim Science Museum, and soon the curator Jørgen Fastner and archaeologist Kristian Pettersen went downward. Practical excavation of the shipwreck was conducted by volunteer divers from the Molde Dive Club, with Knud Jørgensen as excavation leader. Later, one of the divers Berg Tuddenham studied to be archaeologist specialised in underwater cultural heritage.


It took two summer seasons to dig out all the material after the shipwreck. The objects are currently distributed between the NTNU Science Magazine, Romsdal Museum and Hustadvika Guesthouse. As the crow flies, the Guesthouse is only six kilometres from the shipwreck site. On a stormy day, it is easy to imagine the drama that unfolded in Stolpeleden 300 years ago. Hustadvika Guesthouse appreciates the opportunity to exhibit the more than 300 well-preserved objects. The exhibition at the boathouse at Storholmvågen is open to all during opening hours.


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