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LOFOTEN - The home of the cod

LOFOTEN Season-appearance of the cod typically occurs from mid-March, and there is a large fishing over an month. This is in addition to the fish that is more stationary. Several fish are left in the area continue throughout the season. In spring and summer finds a most fish around reasons and tops all the way down at the bottom, although cod also exist in the free layers.

Cod is the most important fish species in the sea off Norway. Cod recognized the brown mottled color (found in many shades) and beard that characterizes cod, ling and tusk. In March / April seeping large quantities of cod into the coast of Northern Norway and Western Norway in the Barents Sea. This is called cod, but is essentially equal to the local cod stocks.

"Pollock" is fish from ca.300gram up to a kilogram. This goes in the summer in some major shoals. Gets a fish, you can also quickly many more. Sei For a typical over due tops, where they swim in shoals and are often hunted by bigger fish. Seien recognized the gray / black color and shiny belly.

Halibut is sea queen. Incidences of halibut has grown significantly in recent years. While the former were randomly when someone got halibut during angling, has a now learned a lot about how a targeted fish species. Halibut often come from the ocean depths and into the coast in late April.

Appearance-wise, it differs from the coalfish by sidelines makes a marked swing towards the pectoral fin, in that it is browner in color of eyes is especially large, and in that it has clearly undershot.

Haddock is very easily recognized that it has a black imprints that after a thumb beside the pectoral fin. It's blank in the glow, often with a pearl leather.

The catch
All fish are bled in line with recording at sea. On the quay in Nusfjord there own space for gutting and filleting.

Even dragged fish can be cooked in their own fisherman for an intimate dinner with friends and close, or our local chef can serve your own catch a delicate dinner in our restaurant Karoline. We also have freezers and transport boxes in polystyrene for sale so you can freeze your catch to take it home with you. Foreign fishermen are not allowed to take more than 15kg fish / filet out of the country per person. In addition, they can bring a trophy fish (whole), they should get a big one. Minimum

In alloy according Directorate of Fisheries established the following minimum fish: Cod 44cm, 40cm haddock, plaice 27cm, 32cm redfish, herring 20cm, 13cm crab. Sei, mackerel, catfish, ling and pollock has no minimum. Halibut have minimum 80cm and be released again even if it is damaged / death if it is under this goal.

Practical info - We hold all the fishing tackle and necessary safety Equipment. Do you have your own favorite rod, lure, jig or something else trickery, so feel free to bring it;-) If desired you an catch also be a supplement to dinner later in the evening. Remember to bring your camera, here are many exciting moments to share with others ...

Tight lines!!