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Map and fishing tips Nusfjord

There are many good fishing grounds off Nusfjord.

Using old local knowledge and experience from professional anglers, we have selected a number of places where we are sure that happiness arises for most. Fishing spots are marked on the chart plotter in boats that have this. Even without chartplotters, with some easy navigation, it should be no problem to find the marked fishing areas on the basis of our fish map. Some of the best spots in the area you will find here, but even inside the bay is rich with fish for those who want a shorter trip, or ocean does not allow to go out into the open sea.

Tips for fishing with sonar

Try fishing where you see fish on the sonar, often over small reasons. If you dont get in touch, move the boat, if only for a short distance to look up the fish. Some fishing spots are marked on the sonar, but search also often even in the area. Is fishing with lures is difficult, try with natural bait.


COD Torsk-1.jpg

Angling for cod done with natural bait (like shrimp, chunks of mackerel, herring, etc.), jig, spoon, rubber worms, jig or otherwise. One can throw with lures or natural bait from jetty or rocks, preferably where there is brådypt outside. In Nusfjord is one of the best places in the fjord on the back of birdcliff twisted or outside the lighthouse. Try fishing where you see fish on the sonar, often over small reasons. Before you do not fish, move the boat, if only for a short distance, to look up the fish. Some fishing spots are marked on the sonar, but search also often even in the area. Is fishing difficult, try with natural bait. Fish actively, but without too much movement with rod. Cod is one of the best food fishes. Boil in slices or filet bites, or filleted and fried, turned in flour mixture, salted and peppered.


One can recognize when it is saithe which runs on the hook, the fish aggressively fill shaker hook. Larger sei, which we also find good deposits of outside Nusfjord are very strong fighters. A happily use the same equipment saithe fishery, as when one goes for cod. Jig and rubber worms are considered to be the safe, but here one can definitely vary. This is gorgeous fish, whether cooked or cut into fillets and fried.


Halibut is sea queen. Incidences of halibut has grown significantly in recent years. While the former were randomly when someone got halibut during angling, has a now learned a lot about how a targeted fish species. Halibut often come from the ocean depths and into the coast in late April. When the water temperature begins to rise to about 6 degrees, also begins excitement among halibut fishermen to rise. What surprises many is that fishing can conducted in very shallow water. 7-12 meters of water is very interesting, but naturally also depths of 20-30 meters. One can get halibut on jig but it is preferred softjigger fished from right across the bottom and up in the water. A moving rod very careful and get rubber fish to "dance" in the water. After half a minute, crank one up a little and continue fishing, and so on until one either halfway. Instead of jig, a fishing with natural bait, death saithe, mackerel, herring or whole rainbow up to 1½ kg (!) Halibut under 80 cm (3-4kg) must be released carefully.If the fish dies during handling, it is increasingly not allowed to bring it ashore. Fish over 80cm and up to 15-20kg is fantastic fish. One makes an incision in the middle of the flat side of the leg, filleting out two pretty pieces on each side, until one turns the fish and do the same. Bake CAUTION and shortly, so it is not cooked through and dry. Larger halibut are often too coarse as food, and dropped like out again after one has measured the size of the fish in the water. Nusfjord has a collaboration with IMR, where one makes both small, medium and large halibut. "Tag-equipment" s boats. Nusfjord issues like a "Catch & Release Diploma" to those who have checked and re-exposed halibut.

POLLACK Lyr-1.jpg
Pollack often found little shallower than cod and saithe. BearvilleInsider steep escarpments, and above reasons often found lyre. Pollack fighter like yet harder than pollock, but only a minute or two. It becomes faster tired. Pollack may advantageously also trolling with wobblers over shallow sections. Lovely fish to fry!


Should one active fishing haddock, this occurs often on flat mud bottom, after one has seen fish on the ticket. Please take a small hooks with bait. Jig and tandems also works very well. Haddock is a little loose in the mouth, so one will gladly give a more careful aggregates (jerk to get the fish to sit additional well on the hook) than when a fishing cod and saithe. Fried haddock is good and it is special popular in fish food / cakes. Smoked called like "smoked haddock."



Nusfjord has its own fish expert with extensive experience in angling. Geir is responsible for the organization of fish offer and can assist with custom fishing experiences and give advice and tips for good fishing.

We hold all the fishing tackle and necessary safety equipment. Do you have your own favorite rod, lure, jig or something else trickery, so feel free to bring it;-) If desired you can catch also be a supplement to dinner later in the evening. Remember to bring your camera, here are many exciting moments to share with others ...