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Fishing village that turned into hotel

Welcome to an authentic fishing village. Nusfjord is one of the oldest and best-preserved fishing villages with long Lofoten fishery traditions. We have given special attention to fishing and cooking, otherwise we have let Nusfjord be as it was.
50 charming fishing huts with 200 beds in all, two restaurants and the meeting rooms’ capacity of 70 make Nusfjord into a destination for anglers, tourists and meeting participants throughout the year. There is only one Nusfjord.

Nusfjord - the place

A cultural gem in wonderful surroundings

Nusfjord is one of the oldest and best-preserved fishing villages with long Lofoten fishery traditions. Once, Nusfjord was the most important fishing village in Lofoten. With new capture forms and more industrial activities, bigger places with larger ports took over.
Fortunately, Nusfjord was taken care of and was provided the necessary protection. In Architectural Heritage Year in 1975, Nusfjord was ranked along with Røros and the old part of Stavanger.

When you walk around the fishing village, you will find a listed power station, sawmill, different hammered boathouses, a large and evocative cod liver oil factory, a store that is a living museum itself, a unique restaurant with panoramic views of the bay, and a tiny tavern with large soul. Everything is newly renovated as it once was.

Surroundings Nusfjord is located in scenic surroundings encircled by steep mountains (Lofoten Wall) rising from the fjord arm Nusfjord. In Nusfjord, one can experience the contrast between calmness and tranquillity by idyllic fishing grounds, and the big sea with dramatics and charm.

Building environment Nusfjord has a complex settlement that substantially derives from the late XIX century and early XX century. The community has been spared for large destructive fires, and the building line appears as homogeneous, without any elements of newer trends. This gives Nusfjord its unique character. Under UNESCO's Year of Architecture (1975), Nusfjord was designated as one of three pilot projects in Norway for the preservation and visibility of unique wooden environments.The fishing village is described as one of the best preserved fishing villages. Archaeological findings (2003) have revealed traces of some of the earliest "industrial fishery" as we know in the Nordland County. The findings uncovered settlements from the V century AD.

There are four protected (turn of the XVIII-XIX centuries) and a listed power station (1905) in Nusfjord. Other building environment has protected status.


Courses and meetings

Nusfjord makes people feel happy together

Nusfjord is a unique meeting point for knowledge sharing and team building. Participants live in fishing huts, while the modern meeting rooms are located on an exciting attic and in a former clipfish stock. Common content is good motivation.


Consider your accommodation in a real fishing hut

In Nusfjord, you will find many buildings that were in use at the time the fishing village was one of the country's main port reception facilities for fish. We offer 46 traditional fishing huts for lodging in authentic surroundings. The fishing huts have varying standards, and they can accommodate 11 persons max

Nusfjord has its own country store and a lively inn and restaurant. A rowing boat is included with the hire charge and, when you land your own catch, the fish-cleaning area on the jetty is the place to share some fishy tales! Leave your “Lofoten experience” to us – we’ll make sure it’s a trip to remember for life.


Modern fishermen’s cabins of a high standard, with bedroom, shower/WC, lounge/kitchen, fireplace and sleeping areas in an open loft. The fishermen’s cabins offer full accommodation facilities. Sleep in the open loft or in the separate double bedroom. The fishermen’s cabins have a fireplace and a large double glass door facing the fjord, with sea views. The fishermen’s cabins also have their own jetty terrace for private use.

One of the fishermen’s cabins was sold recently for NOK 2.4 million. On the TV 2 programme “Solgt” (“Sold”), this fishermen’s cabin was presented to two teams of estate agents who both praised it highly and expressed great enthusiasm for the cabins. According to one of the estate agents: “I would like to spend next summer here to experience peace and quiet and meditate amid majestic scenery with the Lofot Sea and steep, rocky walls as my neighbours”

Spacious lounge with fjord views. Choose between sleeping areas in an open loft for a typical fishermen’s cabin experience, or a warn bedroom for a pleasant sleep.



Our best original fishermen’s cabins with regard to standard and location in the fishing hamlet. The fishermen’s cabins have their own shower/WC and one or more bedrooms in addition to sleeping areas in the open loft above the lounge. The fishermen’s cabins have “modern” furnishings, but in keeping with the traditional furnishings of former times. The fishermen’s cabins offer access to outdoor jetties and/or a terrace.

The lounge in our fishermen’s cabins offers a high level of comfort.

The shower room with underfloor heating and the comfortable bedroom make our fishermen’s cabins ideal for year-round use.


Fishermen’s cabins without separate bedroom. Here, all the sleeping areas are in the open loft (4 sleeping areas) above the lounge and kitchen. All the fishermen’s cabins have their own shower/WC. The fishermen’s cabins are authentic and are suitable for sporty visitors who want a good, reasonably-priced place to stay. The fishermen’s cabins offer access to an outdoor jetty and/or terrace.

The lounge in our fishermen’s cabins offers a high level of comfort.

The shower room with underfloor heating and comfortable indoor temperature makes our fishermen’s cabins ideal for year-round use



Authentic fishermen’s cabins, granted protected status by the Norwegian Directorate of Cultural Heritage. Come to Nusfjord and enjoy an experience in keeping with old traditions associated with fishermen’s cabins. Find out how a fisherman lived and spent his days during the traditional spawning cod season in Lofoten between January and April each year.
The protected fishermen’s cabins are furnished in keeping with the standard common at the time to accommodate up to 8 fishermen catching fish from Nusfjord. The fishermen’s cabins reflect cramped conditions with simple furnishings typical of the time. We believe that visitors who choose this option will experience an added dimension to their stay in Nusfjord and Lofoten.

The fishermen’s cabins have a large lounge with sleeping areas in an open loft above. At the front of the lounge – towards the sea – is the “bugang” or cabin passage, the area where fishing tackle and equipment was stored and maintained. As the Norwegian Directorate of Cultural Heritage has not permitted showers/WCs to be built inside the fishermen’s cabins, there is a separate building for this purpose, located approximately 50 m from the fishermen’s cabins. Here, visitors have access to their own shower/WC; keys are supplied on arrival.

The fishermen’s cabins are furnished as authentic fishermen’s cabins of their time, with fishing tackle and objects that a fisherman would need in his work.
The lounges used to have hatches in the floors that could be opened to “sweep” rubbish from the floors and directly down and out to sea. These hatches can still be used today. The fishermen’s cabins provide access to outdoor terraces.

In the “bugang” or cabin passage, where fishermen used to store and repair their fishing tackle such as nets, lines and other gear, you can now see fishing tackle and other items needed by a fisherman



Food and drinks

An exciting place to eat and enjoy good company. Visit Nusfjord fishing hamlet. Experience the sense of history. Feel, see and experience the Choose a restaurant or home-made food in a fishing hut

All fishing huts have modern kitchen facilities and are suitable for the preparation of self-caught fish. The tasteful and exciting alternative to home-made cooking is Restaurant Karoline.
Oriana Pub – Nusfjord's own pub where simple tasty dishes are served.

Here, your soul can find peace in majestic scenery that you cannot experience anywhere else. Visit us to enjoy our gourmet chef’s elaborate dishes, or eat your own catch of fish in your own fishermen’s cabin.

After a stint at sea or a walk in our majestic scenery, we recommend a visit to our special eateries, Karoline Restaurant or Oriana Kro inn. Enjoy a full meal, or just sit down and chill out with a cold lager, a glass of wine or mineral water/coffee to suit your requirements.


Restaurant Karoline serves breakfast, lunch and à la carte dinner throughout the summer season. During the winter season, the restaurant is open for groups, teams, clubs and associations by prior booking. In recent years, the restaurant has become a popular destination for weddings, anniversaries and all sorts of events that require good food and a great atmosphere, with service dedicated to the visitors’ needs.

One of Lofoten’s most experienced chefs, Renate Johansen, is in charge of our kitchen.

The restaurant is fitted out in a rugged style, with original rough-hewn beams and columns. The atmosphere reflects the simple styling associated with the golden era of Nusfjord as a leading Lofoten fishing hamlet. The walls are adorned with large photographs of Nusfjord prominently featuring the freighter Karoline.

Old objects from the freighter Karoline include the ship’s bell and the large lantern that was mounted on the cab roof. At the entrance to Karoline is a collection of old maps and samples of old “templates” that were used to paint old company names and other information on crates, sacks and all sorts of packaging to be shipped out of Nusfjord. The exhibition was put together by visual artist Margarita Garcia, who also painted the large decorations in the stairwell.

When staying in Nusfjord, we recommend one or more visits to Karoline! You can enjoy anything from a light meal to à la carte dining, with wine and drinks to suit your requirements.


The inn is named after the small cargo ship “Oriana” that used to belong to the owner of Nusfjord. The original galleon figurehead from the Oriana is on display in the inn.

The building was constructed in 1887, originally as a food and brandy store with accommodation for employees in the two upper storeys. The Oriana Kro inn as it is today, refurbished in 1993, was designed by graduate architect Ola Roald. Inside the inn today, you will see the old galleon figurehead from the Oriana.

Today, Oriana Kro inn mainly serves as a tavern serving simple meals. An evening at the Oriana with friends and acquaintances is highly recommended!


On the jetty, there is also a bar serving refreshments with a covered, heated seating area if the temperature or rainfall makes it inadvisable to sit under open skies!

Al fresco dining on the jetty gives a sense of proximity to a living harbour where sailing ships and boats of all types enter and leave. A unique architectural environment and an intimate harbour set the scene for a pleasant meal or a refreshing drink.


Boat rental

Getting out on the lake has made easy by us

Smack with local shipmaster, aluminium boat with hanging motor, or simply a rowboat. Select based on your own fishing experience and ambition level. Good tips, fishing gear and warm clothing are available unless you bring your own. Everything is arranged for a safe journey at sea.


You are going to catch fish, and big and fatty ones are not rare at all

Nusfjord and the sea beyond is a paradise for anglers on all ambition levels. The highlight is certainly the Lofoten winter fishing season, but there is plenty of fish throughout the year too. Good tips, fishing gear and warm clothing are available unless you bring your own

This is in addition to the more stationary fish. Lots of fish remain in the area for the rest of the season. In spring and summer, most of the fish are to be found around the grounds and peaks right above the bottom, although cod can also be found in the free water layers.


Cod is the most important type of fish in the sea off Norway. Cod can be recognised by its marbled brown colour (it comes in all shapes and sizes), and by the beard that is characteristic of cod, ling and cusk. In March/April, large quantities of cod come to the shores of Northern and Western Norway from the Barents Sea. These are known as spawning cod, but they are generally similar to the local cod population.


The “småsei” coalfish can be from 300 g up to one kilo. It can be found, sometimes in quite large shoals, during the summer months. If you catch one fish, you have a good chance of catching lots more. Coalfish are usually found above ground peaks, where they swim in shoals, and are often hunted by larger fish. The coalfish can be recognised by its greyish-black colour and its shiny belly.


Halibut is the queen of the sea. Occurrences of halibut have increased significantly in recent years. While it used to be a rare thing for a sports angler to catch halibut, much has now been learnt about how to target this species. Halibut usually come towards the coast from great ocean depths around the end of April.


Pollack is visually distinguishable from coalfish by the side line turning sharply towards the pectoral fin, by its browner colour, its particularly large eyes, and its distinct undershot jaw.


Haddock is very easy to recognise by the black mark on the side of its pectoral fin, rather like a thumb print. It is shiny, often with mother-of-pearl skin.

The catch

All fish should be bled as they are taken from the sea. Nusfjord has benches for cleaning and filleting fish on the quayside.

You can cook your own catch in your own fishermen’s cabin for an intimate dinner with friends and loved ones, or our local chef will serve you your own catch as a delicious dinner in our Karoline restaurant. We also have freezers and we sell polystyrene transit boxes, so you can freeze your catch and take it home with you. Anglers from outside Norway are not allowed to take more than 15 kg per person of fish/fillet out of the country. They are also allowed to take a (whole) trophy fish home with them if they catch a big one!

Minimum size

In accordance with the Norwegian Fisheries Directorate, the following minimum fish sizes have been established: Cod 44cm, haddock 40cm, plaice 27cm, redfish 32cm, herring 20cm, crab 13cm. There are no minimum sizes for coalfish, mackerel, catfish, ling and pollack. The minimum size for halibut is 80 cm and any undersized fish must be put back even if injured/dead.



Nusfjord is made for an active outdoor life

Adventures stand in a queue in Reine. Many of the offers are organised by the hotel or by our cooperation partners. Some require groups of a certain size, others can be accomplished by one. See also Boat Rental and Fishing.

Fishing competition in Nusfjord
We depart by one of the smacks, and have an experienced fishing shipmaster at the helm. Biggest fish, most fish, smallest fish, most species; everything that can be competed for. This is an incredibly popular activity for groups of all kinds.

Sea fishing from Nusfjord
This is about to go after the big stuff. The smacks Eltor and Havdur have experienced fishing shipmasters at the helm. Cod, pollock, halibut and catfish are among the favourites. Fishing gear will be arranged unless you have your own.

Experience the Lofoten fishery in Nusfjord
A truly memorable experience. This important traditional fishery has been the basis of existence in Lofoten for hundreds of years. We depart by the smacks, and experience fishery at close range. You can certainly try to catch cod as well.

The world's finest car trip takes place within Nusfjord
Drive into Lofoten in slow speed and enjoy one of the world's most beautiful areas. Classic Norway has four hotels on the route, all with high comfort and friendly treat.