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Professional fishing boats for rent

If you have a burning passion for fishing or just looking to experience how the first fish in your life bites the hook, we can offer an experience for you. With us you can choose between steady fishing boats with experienced captains or own a boat with the freedom to go your experience says you should go fishing. We will entertain even the inexperienced and can offer good tips, fishing gear and not least warm clothes and a safe journey at sea.

M / K Elltor

Fish Skate M / K Elltor, 63 foot, taking out fishermen and groups where one has a local skipper. A fisherman with fish wheels, handline or fishing rod. Fished in March / April, at the time the Lofoten skrei going on, is extremely good. Check out our 2-minute film from fish Elltor.

M / K Havdur

M / K Havdur is a less intimate fishing vessel where also fishing with a local skipper. A fisherman with fish wheels, handline or fishing rod.

Aluminium Boats

High-speed aluminum boats at 19ft with 50hp, GPS, chartplotter and fishfinder. The boats are certified for 8, but is best suited for up to 4 fishermen. Here fisherman with private or rented fishing equipment. The boats are raw fish machines, "preprogrammed" with exact positions of fishing grounds and reasons in the area. How can fishermen who are new to the area directly benefit from all previous experiences.

The boats can be booked together with fisherman, 365 days a year.


Rowboats are available for all overnight guests, but can also be rented with motor of all visitors. With rowing you can fish with handlines or rod in the bay just outside Nusfjord, or as a comfortable rowing to experience the fjord. Among the best fishing in the fjord include waters right behind birdcliff or just outside the lighthouse.


Those who live in shacks, borrow lifejacket no extra cost. We also required that all who are going out in a boat must carry a life vest.

Nusfjord AS also rent flotation suits, which acts both as rainwear and flotation vests. The suits are also a great help to keep warm if storms and cold, inserts.

Fishing gear we have state of the art fishing equipment (Penn 4/0 with 0.39 Dyneema) for rent, or simple hand lines. We also have a selection of fishing tackle in our grocery store for sale.

We have all the fishing tackle and necessary safety equipment. Do you have your own favorite rod, lure, jig or something else trickery, so feel free to bring it;-)

If desired you can catch also be a supplement to dinner later in the evening. Remember to bring your camera, here are many exciting moments to share with others ...