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The Hotel

Staying with us is like having a small house in Lofoten

Nyvågar Rorbuhotell is idyllically located at the Lofoten Sea, in the historically important area called Storvågan. Here we have comfortable and spacious fishing huts with hotel standard, and a restaurant in squire style. Bright meeting rooms with large windows provide an unobstructed view of the magnificent scenery outside.

The Hotel has 30 fishing huts with two double rooms in each. It provides a capacity of 60 people in single rooms or 120 in double rooms. We serve fantastic food based on local ingredients and have a legendary aquavit attic. See you.

Nyvågar and Kabelvåg

The medieval Medici were well aware of Vågar

First, we must say that the current Nyvågar and Kabelvåg is a place where you are going to feel happy. The place, the people and the scenery are all real attractions. You will be welcomed by generous people in large environments.
But about the Medici: In the Medici Palace in Florence, there is a map of the inhabited world, Orbis Terrarum. On the very top of the map, there is Vågar - the northernmost town of the world at the time. The explanation is simple: Cod came from here. Cod became the important stockfish.

Cod is still important. As amazing food, fresh or dried, and as cultural carrier to the whole world. But the Middle Ages are - in historical sense - only the youth for us.

Settlement back to the recent ice-age
Behind Nyvågar Rorbuhotell, there is a 9000 years old cave in the forest. During the last ice age, this cave was on an island. But when the heavy ice melted, the land arose and now there is a cave, with two entrances on land. The cave is full of mythical rock carvings and cave paintings, and those drawings tell us that there were people in Nyvågar engaged in hunting and fishing even before the ice receded after the last ice age. When you stay with us at Nyvågar, you will sleep on historical grounds.

Beside Nyvågar Rorbuhotell, there is an archaeological excavation field of settlements back to the XIX century. As of today, only 1% of the field has been excavated and more than 100,000 objects found. Excavations tell that already in the Viking era, Vágar was an important meeting place for commerce, deliberation, trade and conflict resolution for the chiefs in the North. The market, fishery and people formed a commercial export and cultural centre. This prompted King Øystein I Magnusson to be the first to build fishing huts here in Storvågan as early as in 1100. In the years that followed, the area became a known commercial centre in the north. In the XIV century, stockfish formed over 80% of Norway's national export, and Vágar had an extensive trade and cultural exchange with Europe. "Alperosen", Lofoten's oldest fishing hut is located in this area today.

The Black Death turned things upside down
In the period after the Black Death in the mid-XIV century, Vágar eventually lost its central administrative functions, and primary sale of stockfish was moved from Vágar to Bergen. Around 1400, Vágar had so played its role as city and regional capital, but excavations show great fishing activity in the following centuries

.Enjoy the goodies while you're here
At present, Nyvågar is a cultural object for history and culture enthusiasts. Here is the Lofoten Museum where you can learn all about the history of Lofoten, cultures and traditions, the Lofoten Aquarium with an exciting choice of all that lives in the sea outside the fishing huts, and the Gallery Espolin with strong images of people, life and work in Lofoten. In addition to history and culture, we also offer culinary experiences in our restaurant Lochstua on the Rorbuhotell. At Lochstua, we make food so you will get a unique taste experience of Lofoten while you are visiting, and the lovely meal should be enjoyed in warm and good atmosphere in our restaurant all way down to the sea.

If you want to conduct a meeting or conference in a place with an important cultural framework, with excellent meeting facilities, good beds and superb food, or if you want to bring your family and friends to a fishing hut vacation in Lofoten. With North-Norwegian hospitality at Nyvågar Rorbuhotell, we call on to activities and experience that give you a taste of real Lofoten in all aspects.


Courses and meetings

Meeting rooms with a view provide greater insight

Nyvågar Rorbuhotell has 6 well-equipped meeting rooms. All of them are bright and open, with large windows facing the waters of Lofoten. You would have to search long for more inspiring environments.

Nyvågar Rorbuhotell is the Lofoten's biggest fishing hut facility. We have 7 meeting rooms for use for courses-conferences and a party venue for 120 - for jubilees, anniversaries, weddings, family Christmas dinners and other occasions

Courses, conferences, meetings, seminars or your kick-off will be in bright open spaces. Here we have large windows that show a bit of Lofoten and the historic landscape every time you look outside from the meeting rooms.

TECHNICAL MATTERS We have brand new AV equipment in conference rooms, and wireless Internet is upgraded throughout the facility.



8 persons


10 persons


10 persons


40 persons


8 persons


50 persons



120 persons


Includes: Accommodation in a double room ( 4 persons per fisherman´s cabin), breakfast,1 course lunch, meeting room including standard technical equipment, coffee/tea /wather and fruits.

NOK 1725,- per person (NOK 600,- for single room supplement).

Winter offer from 1st October to 28th February 2017/2018

NOK 1525,- per person. (NOK 600,- for single room supplement)

NOK 1725,- per person (NOK 600,- for single room supplement).



We have no rooms here - we call them fishing huts

There is something about the smell of salt water in the morning. Clear blue sky and an opportunity to make your own cup of coffee in your own kitchen, before breakfast. Open doors to the world and feel the good in life.

In Lofoten, the fishing huts have given shelter to local fishermen and visitors who have caught fish at sea for more than a thousand years. You will become a part of this tradition. True, the standard has been upgraded quite a lot since then, but still.

We have 30 fishing huts, each with four beds divided into two bedrooms. That means 60 persons in single rooms and 120 persons in double rooms. The fishing huts are 50 square meters over two levels, and their standard is like in hotel suites. All fishing huts have a private bathroom with toilet and shower, living room with TV, and dining area for 6 persons. The kitchen is equipped and has a cooker, kettle and fridge. Bedding, wireless internet, cleaning and towels are included.


Aquavit Attic

A cultural journey into Norwegian tradition and culture

Two long tables under an indoor star-lit sky is an arrangement for the good Lofoten meal accompanied by aquavit. A cosy fireplace creates warm atmosphere. Large windows offer panoramic views of the Lofoten Sea and northern lights, midnight sun, autumn storms or blue hours – depending on time and season.

Recipe for a successful evening at the Aquavit Attic:
Book the Aquavit Attic together with tub and sauna. The group may consist of up to 26 persons. Meals shall be determined in advance from the Attic's menu. From our wide assortment, our aquavit expert will pick the genuine flavours to complement your meal. Tub and sauna can be used before or after your meal. The licence to sell alcohol applies inside and outside.

For booking of the Aquavit Attic, ring us on 7606 9700

Bring a "plank" home
At the Aquavit Attic in Storvågan, you can find the plank - our unique and custom-made product. It is a plank with 4 small glasses that can be filled with delicious shots. The plank from the Aquavit Attic has also become a popular sales item, and it is often given as a present to training providers and others deserving a reward. A unique Lofoten souvenir from the Aquavit Attic and Nyvågar Rorbuhotell.

Gilde Maquavit, North-Norwegian own aquavit
Gilde Maquavit is North-Norwegian own aquavit - an exquisite Norwegian cask matured aquavit. It is a powerful spicy, noble, generous and exclusive peg suitable for Northerners temperament and temper. The precious drops have aged in sherry casks for over 3 years, and they can be enjoyed together with coffee as traditional Christmas food.

Deep golden colour, rich and ripe smell of warm spices with solid, integrated sherry and vanilla tones from the cask storage. This is a real "power pack" within flavour. A rich and complex spices image and a developed, mature cask feature provide the aquavit an elegant rounding off. Gilde Maquavit is particularly suitable for tasteful dishes from the North-Norwegian cuisine. The aquavit can be happily enjoyed as avec instead of cognac. Serve at room temperature.

The label
The label on Gilde Maquavit is decorated by Kaare Espolin Johnson's lithography "Floating Fishermen" from 1956. The Northerners regard Kaare Espolin Johnson as their artist. They see him as the leading interpreter of the people in Northern Norway and their affiliation and activities in a large and magical nature. To a large extent, it is also the adaptation of the motives of the North-Norwegian people, landscape and literature characterising him as an artist.

Forward from the dusk of even earlier times, the floating fishermen grow beyond their small boat's carrying capacity. They have elevated themselves above the laws of nature and fill the field of view with their large, heavy bodies. They have lined faces, big fists and devout mind. They are the time elapsed, they are the lost land and regional innocence. They are yearning and dream for meagre conditions, they are courage to live and dogged determination. One could also get a sense of social commitment in the choice of motives: Simple conditions of human life in a barren nature. But there is neither aggression nor agitation.

Poesy and rhythm are leading in his compositions. The motives are intuitively sensed. There are memories and inner experience of an artist with strongly impaired eyesight. - by art historian Sigrun Rafter



Welcome to Nyvågar by own boat

Nyvågar and marina are nice located to the west of Kabelvåg centre. The harbour area is well protected - a real oasis on a sunny day, and a sheltered harbour under pouring rain. Nyvågar has two floating docks with outriggers. Sailboats and boats larger than xx feet are best placed to the transverse end, made fast with springs in outriggers on both sides. The price per day for berthing includes electricity and water, and also provides access to toilet facilities and sauna.
The sailing in can be a little hard to find, and getting close to the stones/rocks surrounding the fairway should be avoided. Take your time, take it easy. You will arrive on time.


Welcome to salty adventures in Nyvågar

Lofoten scenery is absolutely central to our activities. Many of those are organised by the hotel or by our cooperation partners. Some require groups of a certain size, others can be accomplished by one.

Sea rafting from Nyvågar Rorbuhotell
Nyvågar is a great starting point for sea rafting. Here are islands, fjords and a short distance to the open sea. The boats are driven by experienced certified people with inbound local knowledge. Great experience and high safety can be combined.

Fishing competition in Nyvågar
We depart by a typical Lofoten smack and have an experienced fishing shipmaster at the helm. Biggest fish, most fish, smallest fish, most species; everything that can be competed for. This is an incredibly popular activity for groups of all kinds.

Golf in the midnight sun – xx minutes from Nyvågar
To play 9 or 18 holes on one of the Norway's most spectacular golf courses in the midnight sun must be a dream of all golf players. We arrange transportation to and from, and provide food and drinks.

Sea fishing from Nyvågar Rorbuhotell
This is about to go after the big stuff. We depart by a typical Lofoten smack and have a local fishing shipmaster at the helm. Cod, pollock, halibut and catfish are among the favourites. Fishing gear will be arranged unless you have your own.

Experience the Lofoten fishery in Nyvågar and Kabelvåg
A truly memorable experience. This important traditional fishery has been the basis of existence in Lofoten for hundreds of years. Everyday life is incredible, and of course you will join a trip and hunt for cod.

The world's finest car trip takes place within Nyvågar Rorbuhotell
Drive into Lofoten in slow speed and enjoy one of the world's most beautiful areas. Classic Norway has four hotels on the route, all with high comfort and friendly treat.