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Food experience

Our restaurant, 'Gammelbua', was once the old general store in Reine.

Our restaurant «Gammelbua» was once the general store at Reine, and dates back about 200 years. You really feel you go back in time, in this charming restaurant, with a fireplace. We also offers outdoor seating, overlooking the magnificent surroundings.

Our chefs will prepare dishes in both traditional and international style. We offer several exciting dishes made of local fresh fish and meat, based on seasonality. This to create a “real” Lofoten food experience.

We can serve up to about 60 guests in 3 different rooms, giving parties of any size the feeling of cosiness, comfort and authenticity, together with breathtaking views. At the 'Loftet', we can accommodate larger parties for conferences, dinners, concerts and other arrangements as per your request. 


Summer menu

Our chefs can offer you our exciting 3-course menu as well as our a la carte menu



Whale carpaccio served with tomato salsa, parmesan and sour cream
Allergies: lactose

Kr 165,- 

Homemade fish soup served with catch of the day, shrimps, vegetables, bread and butter. 
Allergies: fish, lactose, shellfish, celery 

Kr 125,-

Salad with smoked fish from Anita’s seafood on Sakrisøy, crème fraiche/lemon dressing, guacamole and tomato salsa. 
Allergies: fish, lactose 

Kr 145,- 

Crispy cod tongues with pickled carrots ‘’Spaghetti’’, fresh salad and sour cream. 
Allergies: fish, lactose, gluten 

Kr 135,- 


Steak of whale served with brown cheese sauce, vegetables, fried potatoes and lingonberries jam.
Allergies: lactose, celery
Kr 290,- 

Steak of beef served with vegetables, fried potatoes and red paprika sauce.
Allergies: lactose, celery 

Kr 305,- 

Cod served with cauliflower puree, beetroots and browned butter. 
Allergies: fish, lactose, gluten 

Kr 275,-

Catch of the day served with a capers sauce, vegetables and potatoes.
Allergies: fish, lactose, celery, gluten 

Kr 270,-

Grilled stockfish served with bacon, vegetables, pea puree and potatoes.
Allergies: fish, lactose 

Kr 329.-


Homemade cheesecake with berry sauce.
Allergies: lactose, gluten, egg 
Kr 105,-

Gammelbuas chocolate mousse.
Allergies: lactose, traces of nuts, egg

Kr 88,- 

Crème brûlée with ice cream.
Allergies: lactose, egg

Kr 95,-