About 800 hotels

in over 80 countries ...

Classic Norway Hotels is a member of the hotel alliance Global Alliance and Private Hotels which consists of almost 800 hotels in more than 80 countries. The membership in GAPH gives Classic Norway Hotels a great advantage when it comes to exposure to the global market and for our customers there will soon be an opportunity to participate in a unique benefits program.

The common denominator for the Global Alliance of Private Hotels is good hospitality and a strong focus on quality experiences. At the same time, the organization strives to offer our international guests a selection of unique hotels in scenic surroundings, which cultivate their individual history, and which express the culture of the given country.

Each member participates in the global quality program by accepting the indexing of each of the hotels. An independent company issues a rating for each hotel based on the quality of the customer experience on all online review portals. A global score is given for GAPH to certify our alliance as the most reliable.