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«The aquavit store»

Norwegian culture

The Aquavite Store is a centre of experience for anybody appreciating Norwegian table traditions. Our shelves hold no less than 240 different Norwegian aquavites. The Aquavite Shop is a result of the hotel director's and the chef's genuine interest and great knowledge in the field.

«Norwegian Aquavit’s friends» is an organization that works to develop knowledge about the Norwegian aquavit and Norwegian food traditions. The organization also authorizes restaurants and bars as «aquavit approved places». Finnøy Havstuer got their authorization 2nd April 2016.

«The aquavit store» (Norway’s biggest collection of Aquavit’s):

Today we have more than 240 different aquavits based on Norwegian produce and traditions.

The history of the aquavit is part of the experience alongside a tasty selection of light dishes that accompany the different aquavits. Do you want to know more? Please contact us, we are more than happy to tailor your event!