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A la Carte - summer

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Opening hours: from June 20 - August 08
All days from 18:00 - 21:00

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Lightly smoked whale

apple salad, horseraddich mayonaisse 

Allergens (2, 6)

NOK 149,-

Red beet salad 

fenalår, Chévre

Allergens (6)

NOK 159,-

Mussels 250 grams 

mussels steamed in cream and white wine. Served with a rich soup


NOK 119,-


Baked beets

creamy potatoes, baby onions

Allergens (6)

NOK 195,-

From the sea

Moules Frites 

500 grams mussels, French fries bread, aïoli and lemon


NOK 229,-


Catch of the day

ask your weitress

Kr 299,-

Clipfish Loins Extra

consommé, mashed potatoes

Allergens (3,6)

NOK 330,-


½ kg shrimp, home baked bread, lemon mayonnaise 

Allergens (1,2,14)

NOK 229, -


Fillet of lamb

 aspargus, baby onion, thyme jus 

Allergens (11)

NOK 325,-

Havstuenes lamb burger (180G)

Home made hamburger, blue cheese from Tingvollst, bacon, focaccia, salad and deep fried potatoes

Allergens (1,2,6)

NOK 219,-

Peppersteak of whale

mushrooms and pepper sauce 

Allergens (6,1)

NOK 298,-


Today’s sweet temptation 

Please ask your waiter what we can offer!

NOK 125,-


named the best blue cheese in the world 2016

Allergens (6)

NOK 139,-

Deep fried camembert 

Edel Frue from Tingvollost, berry compote

Allergens (1, 6)

NOK 129,-

Cinnemon panna cotta

marinated cherries 

Allergens (1,6)

NOK 119,-

Handmade chocolate 

price per piece NOK 18,-

Chocolate mousse Valrohna

peanut crust, caramel ice cream 

Allergens (2,4,6,7)

NOK 145,-

Allergener/Allergens: 1:Glutenhaldig korn (kveite, rug, bygg, havre, spelt)/gluten 2:egg/eggs 3:fisk/fish 4:peanøtter/peanuts 5:soya/soy 6:mjølk/milk 7:Nøtter (mandel, hasselnøtt, valnøtt, cashewnøtt, pekannøtt, paranøtt, pistasienøtt, macadamianøtt)/Nuts 8:Selleri/celery 9:sennep/mustard 10:sesamfrø 11:svoveldioksid og sulfitt/sulfur 12:lupin/lupine 13:bløtdyr/molluscs 14:skaldyr/shellfish 


(Groups: We recommend all groups to pre-order) 

Phone: +47 71 27 58 50