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Our food philosophy

Old local recipes ..

It’s important for us to convey Norwegian food traditions, and at the same time take these traditions a step further and develop them and present them in our own way. Every year we produce about 750 kg of sausages from our own receipts such as aquavit sausage and whale sausage.

For Christmas we also produce traditional pork sausages and lamb sausages. The breakfast buffet is a big priority for us, where we serve among others homemade herring dishes, jam and liver pate

Traditional fish landing: Both the hotel on Ona and Finnøy are authorized as fish landing facilities, as they have been for more than 100 years. We work close together with the local fishers and by directly from them during the different seasons. The most common species fished here are halibut, haddock, pollack, crayfish, and lobster. Nearby we also find “Myklebust Whale products” where we by fresh whale meet.

Varieties of sausages, traditional dried lamb and Kjellaug’s fish cakes: Every year we produce about 750 kg of sausages from or own receipts such as aquavit sausage and whale sausage, the latter we also produce for resale at Myklebust Whale products. For Christmas we also produce traditional pork sausages and lamb sausages. The lamb sausage we produce from local wild sheep. The sheep and lambs are outside year-round, and they pasture on Sæterøya, that you can see from the restaurant on Finnøy Havstuer. Every year we receive about 12 whole animals that we cut down and process. Besides sausages we produce dried lamb, cured lamb and cold cuts of lamb. Every spring vi produce large amount of fish cakes and fish burgers from fresh fish delivered right on the quay. In the production we use the unique knowledge of Kjellaug Breivik. Kjellaug is retired, but have a lot of passion and knowledge about cooking and local food traditions, and she is always a positive spirit in the kitchen!

Norske akevitters venner(NAV); Norwegian Aquavit’s friends: In April 2016 Finnøy Havstuer got their authorization from NAV as one of Norway’s «aquavit places». We have the largest collections of «non-private» Norwegian Aquavits. We are very passionate about promoting a healthy drinking culture and knowledge about this fine drink. We convey history and knowledge about the drink itself, but also how to combine it perfectly with different food.

Breakfast, meetings and «nonsmat» The last years we have focused a lot on breakfast and our meeting and conference menu.  We have replaced all prepacked spread that you find on most hotels breakfast buffets with traditional homemade spreads and cold cuts such as marinated herring, jam and liver pate. This gives the buffet a much higher quality and delicate presentation. We also introduced a new meeting and conference menu, or «nonsmat» as we call a traditional meal in the afternoon. This consist of home baked bread, jam and a traditional sweet cheese, instead of cakes and sweet pastries as often is served as afternoon snacks in meetings.

New projects: In the future we want to focus even more on home production, and the year to come we are learning how to make cheese from a local cheese producer. We are also developing a new aquavit sausage that will be perfect for the barbeque, and will be found on our menu soon.

We are very proud that our kitchen apprentice, our chefs and waiters/waitresses work hard and with great enthusiasm to convey Norwegian food and drinking culture. Both to guests and to the rest of the staff.

The Finnøy engine:

Nils N. Finnøy Motorfabrik was founded by Nils N. Finnøy in 1903. He made the first engine on Finnøya.

The very first engines were four-stroke engine gases, but after a while they passed over to four-stroke glowhole motors. and in 1906 he went over to two-stroke glowhole motors. The first fortunes drew Finnøy production on a small scale, but around 1910-1912 demand was so high that production was expanding and in 1915 there was a built-in iron jumper.