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From grazing land to important trading and production location. Finnøy is located north of Harøy and is connected with road and bridge. Finnøy is a small, rustic island with some 100 permanent residents. Initially, farmers from Sandøy used Finnøy for grazing. Only in 1868 the island became settled.

Gps-coordinates:  62.803851,6.509139

Molde Airport Årø - Finnøy Havstuer via Aukra  

Drive into Fannestrandsvegen/E39. Drive to Fv662 to Hollingen. Ferry route Hollingen - Aukra (  

From Aukrasanden drive Fv216 to Falkhytten. Turn left towards Småge. From Småge,  take the ferry Småge - Orten - Sandøy - Finnøy - Ona (   

 Option 2:   Charterboat from Molde - Finnøy Havstuer   Estimated time: 50 min 

Ålesund Airport Vigra - Finnøy Havstuer via Brattvåg 

Drive in to FV658. Take E136/E39, Fv661 og Fv659 to Skjelt-ole Bakken in Brattvåg. 

Take the ferry Brattvåg - Dryne - Fjørtofta - Harøy (  

From Harøy Drive to Finnøy. 

Option 2:   Charterboat from Gjøsund - Finnøy Havstuer   

 Estimated time: 50 min 

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