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Outdoor spa

Enjoy the outdoor wellness area

After a day at sea, it's good for both body and mind to enjoy our simple, but versatile "wellness center". We can offer wood-fired hot tub and sauna. There is also a natural salt water pool, that naturally changes water at every high tide. All the facilities have a breath-taking view to the sea.

As a part of our spa we also have a room where you can lay back and relax between the sauna, hot-tub and salt water pool. In the relaxation room there will be refreshments available for you. The wood-fired hot tub and sauna is found outside on the rocks right by the sea, here you will find yourself in the center of wild and spectacular nature.

No matter the time of year, a relaxed time in the hot tub, fitting until 8 people, followed by a de-stressing visit to the sauna with windows overlooking the sea is a spectacular experience. And why not try a quick, refreshing and energy boosting dip in the sea, it will possibly hold a couple of plus degrees.