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A la Carte

Local, homely and delicious food ...

Chef Bodil is a very good ambassador for Norwegian farmers and Norwegian products. Her menu consists of home cooking dishes with local produce from the local producers, most of them under 3 km away from the hotel.


Smoked artichoke cream

King crab, capelin roe, trout roe, artichoke chips, dill


Caramelized Chèvre

Marinated beets, pear, rye bread and walnuts

139,-/ L-R-HV-VN-MN-Hazelnut

Fennel Soup

Pickled trout from Jølster, fennel chips, burned fennel, chervil
Mustard-and basil vinaigrette

139,-/ L-Sen-So-Sulfitt

Beer platter

Platter with 3 sorts of homebrewed beer
and a selection of the hotel’s cured meat.
Served with locally baked crispbread.


Main courses

This week’s white catch from Dombstein

Raw roasted potatoes, apple purée, beetroot in bacon and horseradish
Chicken broth-and dill oil

325,- / F-L

Pork Fillet from Fjellbygda

Celeriac-and spinach purée, red cabbage, apple, flower sprout, potato cake,
Apple-and mustard sauce

335,- / L-Sel-Sen

Sirloin of lamb from Gloppen

Carrot purée with orange-and rosemary, pickled and butter fried mushrooms,
Caramelized onions, potato cake, rosemary broth

345,- / L



Pear and almond tart

Homemade ice cream with lemon grass and cardamom

129,- / Egg-L-HV-MN

French Fondant with almonds and a hint of orange

Homemade ice cream with homemade confects, candied orange peel


3 kinds frozen

Assortment of homemade ice-cream and sorbet.

115,- /L-Egg-G-N

Assortment of Norwegian cheeses

Marmalade and crispy crackers

149,- /L-G-M-N


Tasting menu 6 courses

Fennel Soup


Smoked Artichoke


This week’s white catch from Dombstein


Pork Fillet


Assortment of Norwegian cheeses


French Fondant

Kr 895,-


3 glasses – 325,-

6 glasses – 675,-


Kids Menu

Homemade meatballs 

With the chefs vegetables, sauce and potatoes 

 125,- / L-G-M

Todays Fish 

With the chefs vegetables, sauce and potatoes 

 125,- / L-F-M-G




Molluscs    B Egg     E Fish     F Wheat    K Barley    BG Oat    HV Rye    R Spelt   SP Gluten   G Laktose   L Lupine    Lu Milk    M Walnut   VN Almond   MN Pistachio  PN Peanuts   P Celleri   Sel Mustard   Sen Sesame   Ses Shellfish   S Soy  Soy Sulfur  So

Opening hours:

Monday - Saturday



kl. 13.00 - 20.00


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