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A la Carte

Local, homely and delicious food ...

Chef Bodil is a very good ambassador for Norwegian farmers and Norwegian products. Her menu consists of home cooking dishes with local produce from the local producers, most of them under 3 km away from the hotel.


Smoked artichoke cream

King crab, capelin roe, trout roe, artichoke chips, dill


Caramelized Chèvre

Marinated beets, pear, rye bread and walnuts

139,-/ L-R-HV-VN-MN-Hazelnut

Fennel Soup

Pickled trout from Jølster, fennel chips, burned fennel, chervil
Mustard-and basil vinaigrette

139,-/ L-Sen-So-Sulfitt

Beer platter

Platter with 3 sorts of homebrewed beer
and a selection of the hotel’s cured meat.
Served with locally baked crispbread.



This week’s white catch from Dombstein

Raw roasted potatoes, apple purée, beetroot in bacon and horseradish
Chicken broth-and dill oil

325,- / F-L

Pork Fillet from Fjellbygda

Celeriac-and spinach purée, red cabbage, apple, flower sprout, potato cake,
Apple-and mustard sauce

335,- / L-Sel-Sen

Sirloin of lamb from Gloppen

Carrot purée with orange-and rosemary, pickled and butter fried mushrooms,
Caramelized onions, potato cake, rosemary broth

345,- / L



Pear and almond tart

Homemade ice cream with lemon grass and cardamom

129,- / Egg-L-HV-MN

French Fondant with almonds and a hint of orange

Homemade ice cream with homemade confects, candied orange peel


3 kinds frozen

Assortment of homemade ice-cream and sorbet.

115,- /L-Egg-G-N

Assortment of Norwegian cheeses

Marmalade and crispy crackers

149,- /L-G-M-N


Tasting menu 6 courses

Fennel Soup


Smoked Artichoke


This week’s white catch from Dombstein


Pork Fillet


Assortment of Norwegian cheeses


French Fondant

Kr 895,-


3 glasses – 325,-

6 glasses – 675,-


Kids Menu

Homemade meatballs 

With the chefs vegetables, sauce and potatoes 

 125,- / L-G-M

Todays Fish 

With the chefs vegetables, sauce and potatoes 

 125,- / L-F-M-G




Molluscs    B Egg     E Fish     F Wheat    K Barley    BG Oat    HV Rye    R Spelt   SP Gluten   G Laktose   L Lupine    Lu Milk    M Walnut   VN Almond   MN Pistachio  PN Peanuts   P Celleri   Sel Mustard   Sen Sesame   Ses Shellfish   S Soy  Soy Sulfur  So

Opening hours:

Monday - Saturday



kl. 13.00 - 20.00


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