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Culture and leisure centre

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Here we have gathered activities at the Folk Museum, leisure centre and cultural walks. Can be explored alone or in a group

The Nordfjord Folk Museum

The Nordfjord Folkmuseum is located only a few minutes walk from the hotel.  A visit here to the open air museum is a great breather during a long conference day or a nice evening walk before dinner. Wander among old wooden houses and farm buildings. See the historic apple trees and the changing exhibitions inside the museums main building. Shop local specialities in the museum shop, have a snack at the cafe. Don’t miss out on this idyllic pearl in the middle of Sandane.

Here follows four activities for groups at the Folk Museum.

1) Cultural Slope 

How did people live in Nordfjord in the olden days? Through this quiz-run at the open air museum you will get more acquainted with life as it were before modern times set in. The trail goes through several of the old farm houses . You get different tasks on the way that challenges you on knowledge, skills and imagination.

  • Time: 45-60 minutes. Minimum 25 persons, suitable for larger groups.
  • NOK 100,- per person.  Minimum NOK 2500,- in total.
  • Available all year.

2) Visit the exhibitions 

 Groups can visit the exhibitions as a break from a long meeting day at the hotel.

  • Time: 20 – 30 minutes. Minimum 10 persons.
  • NOK 40,- p.p.
  • Available all year, Monday – Friday 8. am – 4 p.m. Serving of light meal can be arranged.

At the museum there is a permanent exhibition of historic cultural items from Nordfjord, as well as changing exhibitions of items, paintings or photos. Here is also an open air museum in the idyllic area of “Jølet”. In the winter the old farm houses are closed for the public, but the area is nice for walks all year round.

A visit to the open air museum and the indoor exhibitions costs NOK 70,- per persons, or NOK 60,- per persons for groups over 10.

3) Guided tour of the open air museum

How did people live in Nordfjord a 150 years ago? Our local guide takes you on a historical walk around the museum, servings of local flat bread and cheese is included.

  • Time: 45-60 minutes. Minimum 10 persons.
  • NOK 60,- per person. Available from 1’st of June till 30’th of September. Monday – Friday 8 a. m. – 4 p.m.

At the open air museum there are 45 historic buildings from Nordfjord. Many of the houses are from the 18’th and 19’th century, and decorated as they may have been back then.


How about a visit to the 1000 year tumulus at Karnilstunet?

This is the largest tumulus at the western part of Norway and is a mysterious place. Wonderful views over the fjord and Sandane and an interesting story creates the perfect backdrop for lunches, dinners and dancing.

Capacity in the barn: 30 on the loft and 70 on the 1’st floor.

Antiques Barn

A visit to the Antique Barn in Sandane is warmly recommended. Here you will find a great sales exhibition of antiques in a big old barn. The collection is among the largest in the western part of Norway. The visit can be easily combined with guided tours, light meals, drinks and local musicians. 

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Excellent new swimming and leisure centre, only a 100 meter walk from the hotel. 

Opening hours: 

Tuesday – Friday: 4.00 – 9.00 p.m.  
Saturday and Sunday: noon – 5.00 p.m.  

You will find a large swimming pool, diving area, hot tubs, childrens play area and therapy baths. Also gym facilities.