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in the Nordfjord area

See our hot-list for top attractions to visit in the Nordfjord area, all easily reached from the hotel in a day trip

The Olden Valley and the Briksdal Glacier 

The Briksdal Glacier is one of Western Norway's top tourist attractions, with good cause! If you find yourself in the area of Nordfjord, this is an

From Sandane it is an app. 50 minute drive to Olden. Here you turn right and start making your way through the Olden Valley. This valley is the most beautiful valley we know of and a great experience in itself. Photos from this area is often used in marketing internationally of Fjord Norway. This is really as good as it gets!

In the far end of the valley you find the Briksdalsbre Fjellstove (Cafe, shops and activity center) and the trail up to the glacier. And here we will just repeat what is said so well on their own website;

"Briksdal is a scenic wonderland that simply must be shared with others. At centre stage the magnificent Briksdal Glacier, surrounded by towering mountainsides, cascading waterfall and river, and luxuriant flora. 

Powerful rushing glacier rivers tumble in a passionate dance towards the open sea; it’s as if the water has no time to spare after hundreds of years confined as ice.      

Briksdal Glacier is an arm of the Jostedal Glacier, the largest glacier on the European continent – protected as a national park. The ice colossus is spread over 486 km2 and at its deepest point measures 400 m. The highest point is 1950 m.a.s.

At the foot of Briksdal Glacier is a small lake (346 m.a.s.) The glacier is easily reached from Briksdalsbre Fjellstove by following the 2.5 km road/trail along the river on foot or in a “Troll car”.  Booking on tel (+47) 57 87 68 05." Enjoy a packed lunch at the glaicer waterfront and take a moment at this beautiful spot you are no finding yourself at. Or buy a nice meal at the Briksdal cafe when you return from the hike.

You really must see the Lodal Valley also. Magnificent and quiet, away from the mass-tourism and a dramatic history.

If you like your adrenalin rush, try Via Ferrata Loen and Hoven Loen.


1920x1152 -Oldevatnet-Oldedalen-NOR-00247.jpg

Fjærland – The Booktown and Glacier Museum

Fjærland is app. a 50 minute drive from Sandane, south east through Jølster and towards the Sogn region.   In the olden days, Fjærland was an isolated village, with steep mountains all around in the far end of the Sognefjord. Today we have roads and tunnels, and can easily get to here, but you still get that feeling of having arrived in a different land. The climate is colder, the colors brighter and the mountains beautifully formed by glaciers through the times.

In Fjærland, we recommend a visit to the Booktown. Old barns and boat houses have been remodeled into a large library containing thousands of used books.  Also you should pay a visit to Norsk Bremuseum (Glacier Museum). 

For lunch we recommend a light meal at the historic Hotel Mundal or enjoy the panoramic views to the Bøya Glacier from BrevasshyttaFjærland Fjordstue also offers great food, excellent hosts and wonderful views, with its location right by the water.

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Selje, Stadtlandet and the West Cape

From Sandane it is well over 1 hours drive to Selje. This part of the coast with Stadtlandet is a treasure worth exploring. Here you will find breathtaking scenery, mountain cliffs, white beaches, a monastery, ruins, fortresses from the War, Viking sites, galleries and museums.  Places to see: Selje Monastery, the Selje beach, Vestkapp (West Cape), Dragseide, The Ervik beach and Hoddevik beach.

For lunch stops, we recommend Doktorgården and Furebuda.

When you arrive in Selje, a visit to the monastery is a must. We recommend you take the klosterbåten (Monstery boat) out to the monastery Island for a guided tour. The trilling saga of St. Sunniva and a visit in her cave is a great experience.

Back in Selje you can go for a swim at the beach, og buy something to eat in Doktorgården while enjoying art exhibits and hand crafts for sale.

This is a good daytrip on its own, but if you have the time, take a drive across Stadtlandet to enjoy all of its attractions, like the West Cape.

Go for a hike between inner and outer Fure, along narrow trails up on cliffs and down on beaches. When you reach the peak, Ytre Fure, you find two deserted farms, quietness and a view that leaves you in aw. Read more about this hike here. On your way back, stop at Furebuda in Leikanger for some homemade local food- a place of our liking. 

A trip to the West Cape is popular, but also the Chapel of St. Svitun and the Ervik Beach is well worth a visit. Or maybe you want to go for a surf at the Hoddevik beach?

Have a great day exploring the western coast of Nordfjord.

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