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Master chef competition

with our very own master chefs

Learn from our great chefs here at our award winning kitchen. This is a fun activity where you get to use your creativity and multi-tasking skills.

And also learn a lot about cooking and local food especially. You will be divided into teams and given a variety of local produce. Of this, you are challenged to make a tasteful starter and dessert. The main course will be cooked by our chefs. Every course will be rated and a winner will be announced. After all the fun, sit down and relax with the good food that you have cooked, as well as the main from our chefs, served in our historic restaurant.

  • Time: 2-3  hours  
  • Available: Always  
  • Group size: 8-15 persons 

NOK 450,- per person (for live-in guests) Guests who do not stay on a pension price,  NOK 750,- per person

We also arrange different cooking classes like local finger food, holiday pastry and chocolate-classes.