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We have four teambuilding activities on different levels. Have a fun day of play and learning with your collegues and friends.

Teambuilding 1: THE TEAMWORK TRAIL

The trail is situated in the forest, a 15 minute walk and 10 minute drive from the hotel. This trail consists of 8 different posts where the team has to work together in the best way to win. The different posts offers different physical and mental challenges – and is a very popular activity among our guests. The challenges varies from balancing on poles to rappelling. We also enjoy cofee cooked over the fire. We can also have a warm meal. (Not included in price).

Time: 3-4 hours.
Available: Always
NOK: 375,- per person
NB! Transportation from the hotel to the starting point in the forest can be arranged for an added fee.

Teamwork 2: FUN

– Is set up at the Folk Museum outdoor area, or at Veslevatn.

Time: 2-4 hours
Grup size: 6-150 persons
Price: NOK 495,- per person

During winter, this activity can be arranged at Karnilstunet, at an added fee of NOK 1500,- Combine with little tastes from our activity menu.

Teamwork 3: FRISBEE GOLF

Frisbee Golf is suitable for everyone and ideal for smaller and medium sized groups. This activity is very much like normal golf, except we use a freesbee instead. You are divided into teams of 1-4 persons.

Time: 1-2 hours
Group size: 2-20 persons
Price: NOK 425,- per person

This activity is easily combined with Teamwork 2: FUN.

Teamwork 4: InTeamMade

-Teamwork and human recourse managment using different exercises in nature.

In collaboration with InTeamMade, we deliver teambuilding and coaching on a professional level. InTeamMade is a corporation in Nordfjord with many years of experience in the fields of human resource managment, teambuilding and out door life- as well as managment development. We focus on the key factor in any corporation: The people and the way they work together.

Up front, we discuss different problems and areas you want to focus on. We then deliver a complete teambuilding exercise where everyone in the group are challenged on desired areas. We then have a thorough evaluation on the group as a whole, and of the individual persons.

This takes place outside in the wonderful nature of Gloppen, with exercises possible for everyone, regardless of physical condition. Typical areas to work on is: Motivation, recruting, projects, organizational transitions, fatigue, communication and so on.

Time: At least 3-4 hours
Price: At request 

All activities can successfully be combined with our activity menu for that extra bit of enjoyment.

All teambuilding activities have a minimum fee of NOK 3500,-