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The fairytale nature


Experience the wonderful nature in Gloppen with its beautiful montains and sparklings fjords. Everything is easily accessible on different levels to give you an unforgettable day!

From Tystadstølen to Haugsvarden 800 masl

This is an easy hike with fantastic scenery at all times. We start the hike at Tystadstølen (farm house settlement) and contiunet towards Haugsvarden (peak 800 mamsl). At the peak we have a small coffe break and eat our packed lunch from the hotel. Our local guide will tell you stories and point out mounatin tops. This is a nice hike in even trails.

Time: App. 3 hours all in all 
Available: Always (but is wet at wintertimes). 
Group size: Minimum 15 persons 
NOK 275,- pp  Minium price: NOK 2500,-

NB! Transportation back and forth from Tystadstølen can be arranged at an additional cost.