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Gloppen Craft Brew

Their own microbrewery...

Gloppen Brew is our very own craft brewery in the historic cellar of the hotel. Here we have two 500 litre tanks of craft brew at all times. Preben Moen, the hotel owner and manager, is the man behind this brew now sold in our restaurant. Preben became a beer stuart in 2013 at the Wine Acadamy School in Oslo, as one of only 70 in the country.

Espen Lothe from Kinn Brew has helped Preben get started, and our local brew has become a fast success. Only available in our Restaurant Stovene and cellar pub.

We now have three different brews: Ticket 217, KS Kristianiafjord and Gloppetauser.


Name: Jubilee 150
Type: American Pale Ale Alcohol percentage: 4.7% 

Rich and fresh beer, produced for the occasion of our 150th anniversary. Gloppen hotel has been in business since 1866. American Pale Ale is the American version of the British Pale Alen, but added more hops. Light, fruity and useful for everything from spicy seafood to stews.


Name: KS Kristianiafjord 

Type: Dampøl Alcohol percentage: 5.5%
Good and bright food beer with scent of honey. Steam beer is historically produced to withstand the Atlantic Ocean to America. Presented by German immigrants to California in the 19th century. It was difficult to create cool enough fermentation conditions, therefore developing the one type of yeast that could be done at room temperature, ie as a monkey. Steam beer is darker than skirt, and much more fruity. Often called for California Steam Beer.



Name: Gloppentauser 

Type: Blonde Alcohol percentage: 4.7%
Belgian simple and fresh beer with a lot of aroma. Light Belgian ale or Blonde is surrendering beer from Belgium, light in color and light in taste. The Belgian beer culture has had more free use of ingredients like spices, other types of malt and sugar. This often yields a more alcoholic beer without malting flavor. Blonde ale is often easier to drink for those who are not used to the darkest beer types.


We arrange beer tasting, both as a single activity and for small groups in connection with meetings and celebrations.

We also have a dish on our autumn a la carte with our 3 types of brew together with the spekemat (different kind of cured meats).