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Gloppen Hotell

history back to 1866

Historic Gloppen Hotel is centrally located in Sandane, in the Nordfjord. The hotel’s traditions go back to 1866 and hospitality and consideration for guests has always been important to us. From the very start salmon fishing was key to our operation. Fishermen still come every summer, but now our firm foucus on local food and vast range of activites, is equally vital for our success.


In the village of Gloppen, in the innermost part of the Gloppen Fjord, it was salmon and sea trout fishing in the Gloppen River that provided the basis for a hotel.

Throughout our history, anglers from all over the world have been coming to the beautiful Gloppen River, to try their luck.

As early as 1904, Gloppen was described in the English guide book “Salmon Fishing in Norway”, as one of the very best fishing spots in the country. But the English salmon lords knew about it long before that, and had been coming to this salmon rich river for years. While salmon fishing in Britain was a luxury for rich landowners, for a long time one could come to Norway and pay a hospitable farmer a few kroner to fish freely along a good river.

In Sandane, the local landowners had realized as early as 1872, that there was a good income to be made from the Gloppen River and so they began leasing out their fishing rights. The anglers soon started coming, and of course they needed somewhere to stay while they were in Sandane.

In 1853 the first generation of the Sivertsen family god a license to sell beer and food on the same grounds as the hotel stands today. In 1866 Joachim E. Sivertsen was granted a lisence to open a general store and guest house, later called Sivertsen Hotell.


The Sivertsen family withdrew from hotel operations in the 1980s after five generations, and the hotel became a limited company. For the next eight years the hotel changed owners frequently and in 1988 the salmon farmers “K. Strømmen Lakseoppdrett” bought the hotel and changed the name to Gloppen Hotell.

Dag Moen was appointed as general manager and millions of Norwegian krone were invested in recreating the sober atmosphere from the time when the English salmon lords made their way to this traditional hotel.

Six years later, on 1st December 1994, Dag Moen bought the hotel from his employers and continued running the hotel with his wife Irene. They were fascinated by the hotel’s long and exciting history, and have been working continuously towards restoring every room to its correct time period.

They have taken care of all the remaining old furniture and other items and have renovated more and more of the old, white painted Swiss style building. Today the hotel is as charming as it was 150 years ago.

In 1996 the hotel received fishing rights to the Gloppen River and, every summer, from June till September, salmon anglers fill the hotel and enjoy the river. They still want to find good, old fashioned hospitality; and they find it in this traditional salmon hotel in the innermost part of Nordfjord. In 2007, the new head chef Bodil Fjellestad Eikrem and Dag Moen began the hugely successful journey with local food as the key focus. A production kitchen was built in the backyard, and 15 local farmers as well as local hunters began delivering their high-quality produce to the hotel.