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Salmon and trout fishing

It began with the salmon lords…

Gloppen Hotel’s roots go back to 1829. Salmon fishing for the English lords was the basis for Joakim E. Siversten’s hotel operation right from the beginning. Now, as then, we are known for our salmon and sea trout fishing in the Gloppen River. But we can also organise a licence for deer hunters.

It was salmon and sea trout fishing in the Gloppen River that provided the basis for a hotel in Sandane. For many years, anglers from all over the world have been coming here to try their luck.

As early as 1904, Gloppen was described in the English guide book Salmon Fishing in Norway as one of the very best fishing spots in the country. But the English salmon lords knew about it long before that, and had been coming to this salmon rich river for years.

Today, mainly Norwegians come fishing, but the atmosphere is much the same – you boast, exaggerate and argue. There is a real atmosphere in the lounge of Gloppen Hotel too. The first spell on the river is over and people discuss the day’s catch – and of course the one that got away. The anglers are gathering for their four course dinner, just as keen anglers have been doing in these rooms for well over a century.