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Food and drinks

Lofoten is a senseless food dish as a whole world envy us. Our restaurant is called The Blue Fish. Here are playful cooks who create miracles, and waiters who know how much happiness is in good food and good drinks. The commodities are local and based on the season. With fresh fish right outside the window and delicious Lofot lamb in the mountains then it's just the imagination that sets limits

© Grafia/Einar Engdal

Lofoten is a erea very rich in commodities, from which among others the world-class Lofot lamb and Skrei (spawning cod) origin. But in addition to these two, perhaps the most well-known, Lofoten can also be proud of many other local produce and products, such as whale meat, dried fish stoccafisso, cod tounges, local cheeses, organic chicken and eggs, and many other delicacies from the sea.

Our chef Nils Blom, who has experience from good restaurants both in Norway and abroad, specializes in making modern, but also traditional dishes of the delicious local produce we have just outside our kitchen door. He is keen to use fresh ingredients in season, and therefore changes the menu accordint to what is available and best right now! Of course, we serve fresh skrei (cod) with liver and roe when it is in season, we get fresh fish daily direcley from the boats when they arrive fully loaded every afternoon