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in the fishing village Henningsvær..

Right on the pier in Lofoten’s largest and most bustling fishing village you will find Henningsvær Bryggehotell. The hotel has a unique view overlooking the ocean, the harbor and the famous landmark “Vågakallen”. The hotel was built to respect its surroundings and blends well with the rest of the architecture in this historic village of Henningsvær.

Henningsvær Bryggehotell offers ripples under floorboards and an outstanding view of the sea, the harbour and the landmark Vågakallen. The hotel blends in with other buildings, and makes you pretty quickly feel yourself as part of the Lofoten town Henningsvær. 

The hotel has 30 double rooms. We have meeting capacity of 150, can accommodate 100, and have high-class cuisine. Welcome to big adventures in Henningsvær.