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A la Carte

Signature menu

Opening hours:
Monday - Saturday at 17.00 - 22.00
Sunday: Closed


 PURE WATER - with or without carbonation and craft bread with good butter 35, - pp




Today's Appetizer

160, -


Lightly smoked whale from Myklebust

horseradish cream, blackcurrant jam, rye toast, pickled beets

160, -


Creamy fishsoup

with today's fish and shellfish

160, -


Fried cod tongues

with paprika salsa, herbal emulsion and well-aged gouda from Fonte Verdi

175, -


Main course

Gratinated clipfish from Sigurd Folland

pea puree, bacon, carrot, pickled red onion, browned butter and mashed potatoes

385, -


Marbled tenderloin by Norsk Urfe

baked parsnips and Jerusalem artichokes, celery puree, kale chips, delicacy onions, red wine sauce, Folva potatoes

385, -


Crispy crayfish

sushi roll cucumber, spring onion, teriyaki, herb mayonnaise, ginger, mango

295, -

Today's fish

350, -


Today's Meat

350, -




Dark chocolate mousse

salted caramel and raspberries

145, -

5-course Tasting Menu

850, -

Wine packages

Drink package 590, -

Exclusive drink package 850, -

Non-alcoholic beverage package 290, -