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Our activities

a perfect place for indoor and outdoor activities

Refsnes Gods offers activities for body and soul. The beautiful surroundings are a perfect setting for indoor and outdoor activities that can be part of team-building, kick-off, or social elements. One of the most popular activities is actually to go for long walks in the wonderful landscape here at Jeløy. The island’s unique geological features an amazing biodiversity, makes Jeløy a very special place. The view of the Oslo fjord while strolling along the beach, can take the breath away from most people.


Experience our unique wine cellar with thousands of bottles of wine! Wine tasting in the wine cellar is an unforgettable experience – precious vintages from as far back as 1822 set the ambiance. Our wine cellar is among Norway’s best, and has a particularly good selection of wines from Burgundy and Bordeaux. We can offer a range of tasting opportunities – for example only red wines, only whites. 

 From kr 595 per person.


You will enjoy handmade chocolate from chocolate advocate Anne Kristin Bakke. She takes you on a journey into the art of chocolate tasting. You will learn to use all your senses to appreciate chocolate quality and experience how the difference between the usual chocolate and fine chocolate is like the difference between grape juice and wine. Why not try something that makes everyone feel happy – take the time to enjoy delightful flavors and good chocolate stories!

Lecture kr 2,500 + kr 200 per person.


Do you want to learn more about how to make a good meal? Alongside chefs from our renowned kitchen you will learn how a variety of good ingredients can be transformed into delicious dishes, of course with accompanying wines. Here you will get many good tips and tricks! From about kr 1,600 per person, if 10 people, which includes instruction, food and wine.

Maximum 15 people per class.


In 1814, King Christian Fredrik stayed at Konventionsgården for several weeks during the negotiations with the Swedish Crown Prince Karl Johan and on August 14 was “Konventionen i Moss” signed. The treaty rescued the Norwegian constitution and Parliament. Visits and guided tours to this historical site can be arranged. 

Price on request.


Interested in Templars, Viking history or world war history, or nature flora and fauna? Join storyteller Håkon Hattevig for a tour full of history. Tour can be designed to have stops along the route for e.g. lunch. 

Price from approximately kr 2 000


What’s better than fresh air after a demanding day? It clears your head and revitalises you. Our experienced sailor holds theory courses and seamanship training on board. Sailing or RIB-tours are tailored to your request. 

Price from about kr 800 per person for RIB and from around kr 1200 per person for sailing.


Theory, artistic tools, shape and anatomy – here is a chance to draw your own artwork with a nude model, or create a unique sculpture in clay! The artist Bruce Naigle will be your supervisor. You can unfold in the artist’s workshop, and get inspired by his beautiful sculptures, masks and drawings, or you can keep the course at Refsnes Gods and be inspired by the hotel’s many great works of art. Price kr 750 per person, including materials. From 5 to 12 participants at sculpture courses and from 5 to 18 participants at nude drawing.


Moss Tennis club located on Jeløy, about 10 minutes from the hotel. The three indoor courts are considered among the nation’s best. There are also two outdoor courts, weather permitting. Hourly rate of about kr 150 per game.


“Signum Grata – Quest for the cryptogram” is a combination treasure hunt where a cryptogram is to be filled with 9 digits. For each digit a new problem must be solved. The solution provides a code and shows the way to the next task. The tasks are very different and requires analytical thinking, creativity and most importantly; cooperation. Engaging and entertaining, suitable for everyone. 

Price on request. From 5 to 150 people.


In this role-play you are in the middle of the action. We provide a group of actors who holds both important and unimportant roles in the “criminal” act that just has happened. You must solve the case through active investigation, ranging from checking alibis and motives to examine rooms, purses, cars etc. 

Price on request. From about 20 to 200 people.


Busy Brain” is a team competition where creativity and general knowledge is put to the test. The tasks are diverse and engaging, and solved with logical and analytical thinking. Programme is bespoke for each client such as a product presentation or “get to know your co-worker” tasks. 

Price on request. From 10 to 100 people.


400 original works of art

Art inspires and provides peace of mind. We are proud of Refsnes Gods’ exciting collection of contemporary art. Over 400 artworks are showcased in the guest rooms and in all common areas, including eight original works by Edvard Munch in “Restaurant Munch”. Two Andy Warhol`s images in “After Munch”-series are displayed in the cloakroom. 

Take a break and let yourself be inspired!

Kr 1000 for up to about an hour long tour,
Kr 500 for 1,5 hour.

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