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Art at Refsnes Gods

Hotel Refsnes Gods has over 400 original works of art

Refsnes Gods has been characterized by hospitality since the 18th century. Hospitality with us includes an atmosphere characterized by historic warmth, service, food and wine in the top class, “wrapped up” in both modern and classic art expressions. It is always a point when the art collection has been bought in, to bring out the breadth and variety of contemporary art. The artists and their works are at least as diverse as the guests.

It should be exciting to open the door into the room the first time, how is “my” bedroom artist? Today, Hotel Refsnes Gods has over 400 original works of art by more than 90 artists. All 61 rooms have their own artist and are thus a small gallery. The restaurant is adorned with Edvard Munch’s pictures and in the reception you will find Inger Sitter, Victor Sparre and Andy Warhol.

Elisabeth Werp writes in a comment to the hotel: “Art is important, among other things because it can open the way between earthly and sensual, to the spiritual and what we only sense. It can provide experiences that raise man over matter ”. The perception of art and what is good and bad art is very subjective, and is influenced by the individual’s upbringing, background and personal preferences. Leonardo da Vinci said, “No great art is given without true human love” and “In life, beauty goes down, but not in art”. The concept of contemporary art refers to the art of contemporary times. Contemporary art is often a reaction to and development of an earlier style or direction, in that art comments on developments. This can happen by the artist giving his opinion on a topic or by making it think. What characterizes the works of art from our time is the amount of different styles and techniques. Therefore, the term “contemporary art” today functions more as a collective term than a style designation. We see this clearly in the hotel, which among our over 400 works of art has paintings and photos of glass, steel, plastic boxes, paper and canvas with countless combinations of techniques.