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Timber and fish trade

STORHOLMEN is the name of the place where Hustadvika Guesthouse is located. The location has been on the map since the 16th century. At this time and even before, timber was shipped out to Holland from here

Thus it has been a trading centre, and the place has had many owners, mostly traders from Kristiansund and Trondheim. One of today’s best-known names is Lossius from Kristiansund. Captain Lossius owned Storholmen for a period up to 1746. In the 19th century, the owners were more local.

By the scale of the time, it was big business. Jekts (a wide-hulled cargo sailboat) and galleasses brought salted cod in from Lofoten and Finnmark. This generated intense fish-drying activity over the spring and summer.

Storholmen had both innkeeping and spirit sale. At most, up to 200 men worked here.

During a storm in 1901, the high water took everything with it which had been built around the sound of Storholmvågen, and all operations were more or less terminated. 18 sea houses were levelled.