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Lofoten’s fishermen are a strong and important historical symbol for us at Nyvågar Rorbuhotell. They symbolise the struggle for existence and the whole Lofoten millennial history of fishing in the same time frame. Our logo is a tribute to them. Original image – taken by photographer J. Lind from Kabelvåg – is exhibited at our good neighbour, the Lofoten Museum.

 We have history deep in our hearts. Through Northern Norwegian hospitality, we do our utmost for you to experience the genuine Lofoten! 

The picture is a model for Nyvågar Rorbuhotells logo and therefore represents an important part of our hosts. Until Until very recently, this Lofotfiske's identity is unknown, but a visitor to Lofotmuseet known accidentally left the man and could disclose who he was. Lofotfiske's name was Hans Pauli Wedding Jensen, nicknamed "Povel». He came from Fauskevåg old Trondenes parish and lived from 1832 to 1918.

Sea mittens had to endure both cold and sjødrefs, should they will suffice for those who have worked their boat in the middle of winter. They also had to resist fish entrails, and not be sneaky and lose their grip when working with fish. So they had to sit well in your hands and not slip off during work, in addition to that they had let themselves dry in an instant when they were drenched in seawater. Not small claims, ie. But sea mittens, the classic Lofoten mitten, accommodating all of this. Yes, it was even made ​​so that it was better and hotter the more fish entrails and the salt water was exposed. So it is with us working on Nyvågar too! We have the story of the spinal cord. The northern Norwegian hospitality we put the soul in you to experience the genuine Lofoten!