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Welcome to salty adventures in Nyvågar. Lofoten scenery is absolutely central to our activities. Many of those are organised by the hotel or by our cooperation partners. Some require groups of a certain size, others can be accomplished by one.

Aquavit Attic

A cultural journey into Norwegian tradition

A cultural journey into Norwegian tradition and culture. Two long tables under an indoor star-lit sky is an arrangement for the good Lofoten meal accompanied by aquavit. A cosy fireplace creates warm atmosphere. Large windows offer panoramic views of the Lofoten Sea and northern lights, midnight sun, autumn storms or blue hours – depending on time and season.

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Guided hikes from Nyvågar

Several times a every week

Lofoten Eco Adventures is a soft adventure concept run by the professional guide service Northern Alpine Guides - A local company with over 20 years of experience in the guiding industry.We strongly believe in the value of soft adventures with no impact on the nature. This is an easy hike suitably even for families with kids over 12 years old. Some people prefer to hike with an experienced, trained guide so they can maximize the safety and enjoyment of their hiking adventure in an unfamiliar area.

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Lofoten Ski Lodge

the ultimate ski vacation

You get the ultimate ski vacation with Lofoten Ski Lodge! Northern Alpine Guides has designed the ultimate vacation for skiers from all over the world. With IFMGA certified guides with many years of experience in Lofoten, they take you to Lofoten's wild and beautiful backyard. They know where to find the best conditions and how to make a ski vacation complete with local produce, sauna and good atmosphere.