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Lofot Spa

Rustic Wellness

Experience the relaxing sensation of soaking in a hot tub with the stars and the northern lights dancing above you. Lean back in our calm relax room and enjoy the breath-taking nature that surrounds you. Our sauna has large windows with a view towards the mountains and ocean. It’s possible to go straight out to the pier and take a dip in the ocean, no matter the season. Lofotspa is a perfect experience for you who need to relax after a long journey, warm up after a day of mountain hiking or clear the head after a long day of meetings

Lofotspa is a perfect experience for you who need to relax after a long journey, warm up after a day of mountain hiking or clear the head after a long day of meetings.


Front desk 

  •     You book, check in and pay at the reception.
  •     You can bring a bathrobe, two towels and bath slippers - which are returned when you go.
  •     You can buy Spa products at the reception. 



  •     We have separate wardrobes for women and men. If you live in Nyvågar, we recommend that you change in your fisherman's cabin.
  •     Put outdoor shoes in the hallway.
  •     Shower without swimwear, and use well with soap, facial cleanser and shampoo.
  •     Wear a bathrobe and slippers, bring a towel when using the sauna.
  •     Preferably wear your own shoes when you go to the hot tubs and wash your feet before you go in the tubs. 


Hygiene Rules 

  •     Thorough body washing in the cloakroom shower is required before entering the facility. Shower naked and use well with soap and shampoo.
  •     For hygienic reasons, you must use the towel to sit on in the sauna. This is to prevent body sweat from getting on the wood.
  •     It is not allowed to be naked in Lofotspa.
  •     To avoid body sweat in the tubs, everyone must shower naked after sauna and tampon baths.
  •     Upstairs in the lounge and in our restaurant you must always wear a bathrobe and slippers.
  •     For hygienic reasons, it is not allowed to bring towels up in the lounge. Hang from you in designated places. 


Welfare Policy 

  •     Lofotspa are quiet zones.
  •     Children over the age of 12 are welcome at Lofotspa.
  •     Verbal and non-verbal annoying and indecent behavior is not allowed. Any sexual activity is strictly forbidden. Guests who do not respect this are immediately expelled from Lofotspa without compensation, and in serious cases reported to the police.
  •     Show consideration for other guests and avoid unnecessary water spills.
  •     It is not allowed to bring food and drink at Lofotspa.
  •     Personal belongings can be stored at the reception or in your fisherman's cabin. Lofotspa is not responsible for theft, damage or loss of property.
  •     Lofotspa are non-smoking zones. 



  •     Tea and ice water are always available upstairs in our lounge.
  •     We have our own drink menu for Lofotspa, where you can order when you check in or call or send us an SMS on your order.
  •     It is not allowed to use glass that can be broken in Lofotspa.

All entrance to Lofot Spa must be booked in advance. Max 20 people


June 20 - August 30 (daily)

Other times: Open only for groups


  • Living / dining guests NOK 250 per person
  • Non-resident NOK 300 per person
  • Group (exclusivity for 2 hours): Extra NOK 3,000

The price includes: sauna, outdoor hot tubs, wellness room with tea and ice water. Bathrobe, towel and slippers. 


Refreshments are available from our Spam Menu. Opportunity to buy spa products from the local manufacturer Lofoten Seaweed in our lobby shop.


Treatment - Swell 

Massage Therapy

In collaboration with Swell Massage Therapy, Selena will be able to come to Nyvågar for treatments. 

Read more about the offer here ...


Products - Seaweed

Tamara and Angelita are among the coastal fishermen at Napp, Norway and take the Lofoten traditions a step further. 

Their organic certified seaweed is harvested wild in one of the world's strongest tidal currents, which flows through the Lofoten archipelago in Norway. In addition to a number of user-friendly seaweed products for food, Lofoten Seaweed has also developed a selection of natural skin care products in collaboration with Harstad-based Arctic Origins. Seaweed is widely known for its rejuvenating skin care properties, trace elements and active components that naturally stimulate the skin's response to aging. Essential oil from lemongrass gives a refreshing and energizing glow. 

At LofotSpa you can buy seaweed body soap