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Lofot Spa

All year around

Experience the relaxing sensation of soaking in a hot tub with the midnight sun. Sit down and enjoy the spectacular nature that surrounds you. Our sauna has large windows with a view towards the mountains and ocean. Its possible to go straight out to the pier and take a dip in the ocean, no matter the season.

Lofotspa is a perfect experience for you who need to relax after a long journey, warm up after a day of mountain hiking or clear the head after a long day of meetings.

We have licence to sell spirits and beverages in our Lofotspa area.

June 1 to August 31


Every day from 16.00-19.00 and 8.00-10.00 Wednesday and Friday. 

Price: Accommodation guest  NOK 80,-
          Other guests                NOK 100,- 

Hot tub 

Available Thursday - Sunday

Price: Accommodation guest  NOK 250,-
          Other guests                NOK 300,-

Including towel, slippers and sauna.

Other times or exclusivity must be booked in advance.

Yoga & sauna

Wednesday and Friday 8.00-9.00 afterwards the sauna is warm NOK 225,-

Rent a towel NOK 25,- rent a bathrobe NOK 65,-