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A la Carte - summer

From 18.00-22.00pm

Have your dinner at Nyvågar and you get to taste the very best of Lofoten. Everything is homemade and prepared with care to give you the best taste of what Lofoten has to offer. Try our fish and shellfish pot, seafood is our signature!

© Grafia/Einar Engdal
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To start with


Glass of sparkling wine

The perfect start of a great evening. Enjoy a crisp glass of Italian Canaletto Prosecco

NOK 99,-



A fresh drink mixed with Lysholm No 52, lime, spruce syrup

Basil, cucumber and apple juice

NOK 110,-


Sparkling apple

A non-alcoholic crisp and light sparkling apple drink

NOK 55,-





Aquavit and kelp cured plaice

Fried kelp and ryebread crumble ill mayo and pickled vegetables

Egg, fish, gluten

NOK 125,-

Wine: Von Winning Riesling, Germany 115, -

Hot pickled local arctic char

Homemade smoked fresh cheese. Kale and pine nuts

Lactose, nuts, fish


Wine: Laroche Chardonnay, France 105, -

Creamy salsify soup

Salsify chips and acid apples


NOK 100,-

Wine: Laroche Chablis Saint Martin, France 155,-

Reindeer tartar

Pickled beetroot, onions and dried blueberries. Lovage mayo and croutons

Gluten, egg, onion, lactose

NOK 145,-

Wine: Zuccardi Serie a Chardonnay, Argentina 110,-


Today’s catch

Watercress and mussel sauce. Cabbage and baked fennel. Roasted potatoes

Lactose, fish, onion, mussels

NOK 285,-

Wine: Zuccardi Serie a Chardonnay, Argentina 110,-
Aquavit: Skrei Akevitt 90,-

Veal entrecôte

Oxtail butter, onion puree pickled vegetables and heart salad. Roasted potatoes

Lactose, onion

NOK 305,-

Wine: Odfjell Orzada Carmenère , Chile 145,-
Aquavit: Gilde Fjølmat  90,-

Spelt risotto

Hummus, salt baked beetroots and mushrooms


NOK 225,-

Wine: Von Winning Riesling, Germany 115,-
Aquavit: Hellstrøms sommerakevitt 90,-

Fish soup

Today’s fish, shrimps and mussels. Capelin roe. Green oil and kelp powder

Lactose, fish, mussels, shellfish, onions

Starter NOK 115,-

Main NOK 195,-

Wine: Lagar De Cervera  Albariño, Spain  135,-
Aquavit: Linie Dill Akvevitt 90,-


Beer ice cream

Coffee crumble, dried lingonberries and lingonberry meringue

Gluten, egg, lactose

NOK 125,-

Dessertwine: Cazes Riversaltes Ambré, France 99,-
Aquvit: Trollfjord Premium Akevitt 110,-

Marinated rhubarb

Rhubarb jam and sliced rhubarb. Sour milk ice cream and ginger crumble

Gluten, lactose

NOK 115,-

Aquavit: Gilde Maqvavit 105,-

Aquavit and meadowsweet granité

Yoghurt custard and caramelized white chocolate

Egg, lactose

NOK 95,-

Aquavit: Løiten Aquavit Likør 90,-

Aquavit truffle & coffee

Laktose, nøtter


Aquavit: Gilde  Non Plus Ultra 135,-

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The Restaurant is open:

Breakfast 07:00 - 10:00

Lunch 12:00 - 17:00
A la carte 18:00 - 22:00

Every Thursday in July there is a barbecue buffet on the pier. These days we do not serve a la carte.

Aquavit attic

Summer open every day from 20:00