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The Aquavit Loft-bar

enjoy the view of the ocean

In our Lofoten Loft Bar you are welcome up for an after-dinner drink or just to enjoy the view of the ocean with a glass in hand. We serve beer, wine and spirits and are proud to present one of the world's largest collections of aquavit - about 300 different varieties! Choose your tastings from the collection or try our aquavit plank with our recommendations. We also serve self-composed aquavit-based cocktails.

Here you also find an exiting cocktail menu. With its cosy interior and panorama views of Vestfjorden, the Aquavit loft-bar has its own special atmosphere. We highly recommend this experience. A small firework of taste and impressions you never will forget.

  • To make this a full experience and combine your visit with a good dinner. You can also book the Aquavit Loft-bar exclusively.

Recipe for a successful evening at the Aquavit Attic:

Book the Aquavit Attic together with tub and sauna. The group may consist of up to 26 persons. Meals shall be determined in advance from the Attic's menu. From our wide assortment, our aquavit expert will pick the genuine flavours to complement your meal. Tub and sauna can be used before or after your meal. The licence to sell alcohol applies inside and outside.

For booking of the Aquavit Attic, ring us on 7606 9700

Bring a "plank" home
At the Aquavit Attic in Storvågan, you can find the plank - our unique and custom-made product. It is a plank with 4 small glasses that can be filled with delicious shots. The plank from the Aquavit Attic has also become a popular sales item, and it is often given as a present to training providers and others deserving a reward. A unique Lofoten souvenir from the Aquavit Attic and Nyvågar Rorbuhotell.

Gilde Maquavit, North-Norwegian own aquavit
Gilde Maquavit is North-Norwegian own aquavit - an exquisite Norwegian cask matured aquavit. It is a powerful spicy, noble, generous and exclusive peg suitable for Northerners temperament and temper. The precious drops have aged in sherry casks for over 3 years, and they can be enjoyed together with coffee as traditional Christmas food.

Deep golden colour, rich and ripe smell of warm spices with solid, integrated sherry and vanilla tones from the cask storage. This is a real "power pack" within flavour. A rich and complex spices image and a developed, mature cask feature provide the aquavit an elegant rounding off. Gilde Maquavit is particularly suitable for tasteful dishes from the North-Norwegian cuisine. The aquavit can be happily enjoyed as avec instead of cognac. Serve at room temperature.

The label
The label on Gilde Maquavit is decorated by Kaare Espolin Johnson's lithography "Floating Fishermen" from 1956. The Northerners regard Kaare Espolin Johnson as their artist. They see him as the leading interpreter of the people in Northern Norway and their affiliation and activities in a large and magical nature. To a large extent, it is also the adaptation of the motives of the North-Norwegian people, landscape and literature characterising him as an artist.

Forward from the dusk of even earlier times, the floating fishermen grow beyond their small boat's carrying capacity. They have elevated themselves above the laws of nature and fill the field of view with their large, heavy bodies. They have lined faces, big fists and devout mind. They are the time elapsed, they are the lost land and regional innocence. They are yearning and dream for meagre conditions, they are courage to live and dogged determination. One could also get a sense of social commitment in the choice of motives: Simple conditions of human life in a barren nature. But there is neither aggression nor agitation.

Poesy and rhythm are leading in his compositions. The motives are intuitively sensed. There are memories and inner experience of an artist with strongly impaired eyesight. - by art historian Sigrun Rafter

Opening hours: 

  • Open on request for groups

Dinner included aquavit tasting

Start the evening at the atmospheric aquavit loft with an appetizer consisting of local tastes that you eat at the same time as aquavit tasting and storytelling. After this you continue down our restaurant and get served the main course with a lovely dessert to round off and maybe a tasty avec of aquavit.

  - Aquavit boards 4 x 2cl
  - Storytelling
  - 3 course dinner

From 895, - per person