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Dinner - The taste of Lofoten

a taste journey

Our creative chef André puts together a tasty 5-course menu consisting of self-picked and local ingredients. Welcome to a full evening with us.


Our creative chef André presents Smaken av Lofoten, a tasty menu with seasonal local ingredients!

Aquavit and seaweed cured smotted 

wolffish with rye and sugarkelp 

Contains: fish, rye, wheat, egg

NOK 145,-


with fennelpuree, tomato and crispy fishskin 

Contains: milk, fish

NOK 145,-

Today`s fish 

served in sugarkelp with peapuree, beachcrabsauce and turnip

Contains: fish, shellfish, milk

NOK 345,-

California steak of young meatcattle

mushroom glace and celeriac 

Contains: milk, celeriac

NOK 365,-

Dendelion- and meadowsweet sorbet

cream cheece with white chocolate, rubarb- and coco crumble, and nettle cake 

Contains: milk, wheat, egg

NOK 145,-

5-course menu NOK 895, -

Subject to changes. We offer vegan options, as well as a children's menu.

Opening hours 

  • Thursday - Saturday from 18.00 - 21.00

On other days, it may be possible to have the day's dinner served, but contact the hotel in advance to have this confirmed.