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fishing villages for hundreds of years

ONA island, far vest on the coast of Romsdalen, has been a fishing village for hundreds of years. In 1867 Ona lighthouse was lit, one of many lighthouses along the coast, but also one of the most famous. The fishing village was originally owned by the king of Norway.

In 1728 a new bill was passed and all fishing villages along the coast of Norway now became privately owned. Ona had numerous owners until 1902, when the practice of one person owning the whole fishing village ended.

Ona also have long traditions as a lotsman station. In 1870 there were 6 lotsmen on Ona.

At most, there were more than 300 residents at Ona and Husøy (connected by bridge). There were fish landing, Norway’s most southern clipfish producer and several stores. During the busy fishing season the population increased considerably with fishermen from the fjords who came to participate in the fishing. People still live on Ona today, about 20 residents.