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Ona is an island in Sandøy municipality in the county of Møre og Romsdal, and currently has about 20 permanent residents. The island group Ona consists of the two islands of Ona and Husøya

GPS coordinates: 62.86393, 6.54558

Molde Airport Årø - Ona Havstuer via Aukra
Drive onto Fannestrandsvegen / E39. Drive to Fv662 to Hollingen.
Ferry crossing Hollingen - Aukra ( From Aukrasanden you drive Fv216 to Falkhytten. Turn left towards Småge.
From Småge ferry dock, take ferry Småge - The town - Sandøy - Finnøy - Ona (

Option 2:
Charter boat from Molde - Ona
Estimated time: 1 hour 10 min

Ålesund Airport Vigra - Ona Havstuer via Brattvåg
Drive onto FV658. Take E136 / E39, Fv661 and Fv659 to Skjelt-ole Bakken in Brattvåg. Take ferry Brattvåg - Dryne - Fjörofta - Harøy. From Harøy you drive to Finnøy. Here is the new ferry Finnøy - Ona.
Ferreute Småge - The resort - Finnøy - Ona (

Option 2:
Charter boat from Gjøsund - Ona
Estimated time: 1 hour