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of the garden, the farm and the art

At Ramme, we will, from the opening in 2020, offer guided tours to groups and companies, and to children and young people. You can choose between three different walks in our airy surroundings.

Welcome to Ramme!

Garden walks

In the park you will find elements from different eras and cultures. Join a walk in a landscape out of the ordinary. Here you get to step into an adventurous reality.

Farm walks

Here you will meet rare and fun pets. In the field, and in the greenhouse, there are delicious sun-ripened and healthy vegetables and berries.

Art walks

Frame is the place where Edvard Munch worked on some of his most important motifs. The park has art that spans the entire period from antiquity to our own time, with an emphasis on classical figurative art, and is also garden art.