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Scuba diving and snorkeling

Safe and fun...

Scuba diving within the Arctic Circle in the waters surrounding the Lofoten Islands is an incredible experience. Our dive programs are individually suited to our guest’s skill levels and diving qualifications.
Snorkeling is a great way to begin your underwater adventures. It's your chance to start exploring a new and fascinating world with a minimum of equipment and little training

The purpose of the dive is to share with you the wonders of the aquatic realm. The first dive is to a maximum depth of 5 meters with your own personal qualified instructor accompanying you. All you have to do is RELAX & ENJOY the beauty of the arctic flora and fauna.

Discover Scuba Program is safe and fun: the dive begins with a surface briefing, followed by some simple exercises and finally a dive. The instructor is by your side the whole time and will even hold your hand if you feel the need.

Price: NOK 1190, - per person. 

This is included rental of all equipment

Meeting point: 
Lofoten Diving-5 Star PADI Dive Resort, Skarsyveien 67,8373 Ballstad, Duration: 3 hours.

Min. age: 10 years old 

Don’t forget to bring dry clothes and towel