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Photo sightseeing tours & guided hikes

guided photo tour

Join us in tailor-made guided photo tour and visit the most beautiful places in western Lofoten. We can take a walk to “the end of the world” – a small fishing village of Å – and enjoy breath-taking views of Lofoten and islands of Værøy and Røst.

We stop in Reine, Hamnøy and Ramberg to take jaw-dropping pictures and feel the atmosphere of these unique places. If you are a fan of hiking we can take you to one of the most beautiful beaches in Lofoten – Kvalvika or Bunes. There are many amazing places and our experienced guide will choose the best one for you. Our guide is also a professional photographer and will help you to capture the memories for life on photos! Every day and every hour is different in Lofoten giving you a chance to capture ultimate photo motives.

Duration: 4, 6 or 8 hours

  • 1-2 guests: 3.050,- / 4.100,- / 5.150,- in total
  • 3 guests: 1.300,- / 1.550,- /1.800,- per person
  • 4 guests: 1.200,- / 1.450,- / 1.700,- per person
  • 5 guests: 1.100,- / 1.350,- / 1.600,- per person
  • 6-8 guests: 1.050,- / 1.300,- / 1.550,- per person