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A la carte


In "Gammelbua" restaurant we offer several exciting dishes made of local fresh fish and meat, based on seasonality. This to create a "real" Lofoten food experience.


*Changes in the menu may occur



Stockfish salad 

served with marinated artichokes, pears, asparagus and a blue cheese dressing

Allergies: fish, lactose

175, -

Traditional fried cod tongues 

with a touch of Lofoten Seaweed «Umami»

Allergies: fish, lactose, sesame, gluten (wheat)

175, -

Smoked whale carpaccio

with tomato relish, cranberry cream and parmesan

Allergies: lactose, onions

185, -

Vegan beetroot carpaccio

served with maple syrup and pistachio powder

Allergies: garlic, onions, contains nuts, traces of peanuts

175, -

Seared scallops and scampi

served with trout caviar, Goma Wakame, aioli and lemon chili butter,

Allergies: fish, lactose, onions, leeks

195, -

Carpaccio of local lamb

served with parsley root puree, cranberry cream and parmesan

Allergies: garlic, onions

195, -

Main courses


The very best of Lofoten:

King crab and lobster 

served with stockfish pâté, accompanied by garlic bread and grilled lemon,

Allergies: fish, shellfish, lactose, onions, garlic, peppers, soy, mustard, eggs, nuts

950,- Please call to pre-order this course

Reindeer top sirloin 

served with chanterelle sauce, Lofoten Seaweed sugar kelp salt, caramelized onions and wild & white rice

Allergies: lactose, celery, onions, garlic

375, -

Top sirloin of Lofoten lamb

served with port wine sauce, mashed potatoes and fried vegetables

Allergies: lactose, celery, onions, garlic, peppers, sulfite

375, -

Whale steak 

served with fried veggies, cranberry jam and pepper sauce

Allergies to lactose, celery, onions, garlic, peppers

355, -

Fried cod 

served with potato & green pea mash, red cabbage salad and soy and dill sauce

Allergies: fish, lactose, gluten (wheat), onions, garlic, soy

365, -

Fried halibut 

served with chives Sandefjord butter, pickled carrot, pea puree, wild & white rice with crab

Allergies: fish, lactose, garlic, onions

385, -


with lemon- capers relish and bacon served with fried vegetables and potatoes

Allergies: fish, onions, garlic, sulfur dioxide or sulfites

395, -


A selection of starters, main courses and desserts

Please inform the waiter, if you have any allergies.

875, - per person

Vegan main course

Veggie stew 

with wild & white rice, cashews and Thai soy sauce 

Allergies: peppers, onions, garlic, nuts, gluten (wheat)

295, -

Please ask a waiter for an alternative vegan dinner, if you are dining with us more frequently and our chefs will create a dish especially for you.


Coffee & aquavit parfait 

with berries

Allergies: lactose, egg

125, -

Nutty homemade brownie 

served with ice cream and dark chocolate from Lofoten Seaweed

Allergies: lactose, gluten (wheat), eggs, soy, nuts

135, -

Sago pudding 

with passion fruit and cloudberries 

Allergies: lactose

135, -

Vegan orange muffin 

Allergies: sulfite, gluten (wheat)

135, -


served with ice cream



served with a glass of prosecco.


Opening hours

  • 17.00 - 22.00

For table reservations please contact us 

+47 76 09 22 22 or