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1073 M

Don’t be deceived by the fact that Saksa (the Scissors) is one of the lowest summits in the area. Its location allows for a spectacular view over fjords and mountains. The mountain has three peaks, where the one the furthest north is the highest.

Photo: Mattias Fredriksson

You can start your trip both from Leknes (where the ferry pier is located) or from Urke (between Leknes and Urke).

From Leknes you find walking signs already at the ferry pier and up past the farm. Find a tractor road in the direction of Leknesnakken. Break off towards the north and follow the path that leads you diagonally north towards Leknesdalen.

From there the ascent is steep, partly on a pathway, and partly on rock scree. From Urke you will find a steep road from the highway 655 at the outer part of Urke. Follow the gravel road a short distance and it will lead you to a path which follows the hillside along the river up towards Leknesdalen, from there, as from the start from Leknes.


  • SEASON From June to October


  • 3-4 kilometers. 1030 meters in height.


  • Demanding. To the North: Expert.


Turkart Sunnmørsalpane Aust in 1:50 000 from Nordeca.


  • Take a ferry without a car to Leknes or take the car to Urke.


  • The trip down from the northern peak goes through a narrow intersection between the southern peak and the middle peak and can be experienced as demanding with some light climbing. The views are the best anyway