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1542 M

The trip to Skårasalen is not very demanding, but still offers one of the most spectacular views over the Sunnmøre Alps on both sides of Hjørundfjord.

From Kvistadsætra in Kvistaddalen you walk further into the valley in the direction of Vasstøylvatnet. From the valley you can look up to Kvistadkjerringane, a row of small pointed peaks. When you are about midway between Kvistadsætra (a mountain farm) and the water, you turn left and follow a marked pathway through the valley between Blåhornet (1120 m) and Skårasalen. You follow the pathway up towards the dale to Lisje Skåradalen before the path turns to the right up the last 300 meters to the top. It is best to follow the pathway because of loose rocks in the top part of Skårasalen. Estimate about 2 to 3 hours to the top.

Return the same way or go down Skåradalen to Skår, where you can catch the ferry via Lekneset to Sæbø. Then you follow the same way back from the top, down towards the dale at the top of Lisje Skåradalen. There is a snow glacier at the top part of the dale, but this is easy to pass. Follow the valley down, north of the river. When you are approaching the fjord, you get to a bridge where you can cross the river and follow the path to Skår. Skåradalen is also a popular ski summit during spring, with a nice descent down to Lisje Skåradalen. The climb to the top follows the same route as during summer.


  • SEASON From late June to September 


  • 3-4 kilometers. 1030 meters in height. 


  • Demanding 


  • 4-5 hours. 


  • Road map Sunnmørsalpane Aust in 1:50 000 from Nordeca. 


  • At Kvistad (about three kilometers from Sæbø), take the Kvistadsætra inlet into Kvistaddalen.