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1564 M

In the middle of the Sunnmøre Alps you find the impressive summit Slogen. Despite it’s sharp and steep appearance, the summit is fairly easy to ascend. From the top you have a fantastic view of the surrounding summits and the deep green valleys down by Hjørundfjorden.

Photo: Håvard Myklebust

Slogen is perhaps the finest top in Sunnmøre. From the fjord it rises straight up like a triangular pyramid. When you come closer you will see that it is not as steep as it may seem from a distance. The trip up is easier then you might think, but the last part towards the top requires a bit of climbing. You do not, however, need any additional equipment to reach the top.

The trip to Slogen is well suited as a day trip. There are several alternatives to reach the summit. Most of the routes are marked. Should you find it too airy, you can always turn around about 100 meters from the top.

"of all the pinnacles in Sunnmøre, Slogen has the boldest elevation, the most elegant composition and the most distinct and perfect peak form. If you are able to love a pinnacle, you will love this"

Kristoffer Randers - FROM THE TOUR BOOK "SUNNMØRE"


  • SEASON From Juni TO September


  • From Øye:3 Kilometers. 1500 hight meters.
  • From Patchellhytta:3 Kilometers. 750 hight meters.
  • From Urke:8 Kilometers. 1200 hight meters.


  • Demanding


  • From Øye:4-5 hours.
  • From Patchellhytta:2-3 hours.
  • From Urke:5 hours.


Tour map "Sunnmørsalpane East" in 1:50 000 from Nordeca.


Car or cycling from Sagafjord Hotel. The tour includes a charming ferry ride.


It can be tempting to follow the patches of snow on your way down. We would like to warn you against this, unless you have brought an ice axe and know how to use it.