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Our history

from 1937...

While the surroundings of Strand Hotel Fevik provide room for reflection, exciting history gives character and atmosphere. The hotel hosts many exciting stories about people and events that have contributed to giving the hotel soul and character over the years.

Once upon a time 

The Danish Axel Rosenkrantz de Lassen Lund was a man with big visions and a lot of personality, often referred to as "the Norwegian hotel king". In 1934, he laid the foundation of his hotel vision at the sea gate at Fevik. Two years later Strand Hotel Fevik was finished. The hotel cost 350,000 kroner to build and was a splendor building for its time. The doors first opened on May 17, 1937, and the adventure was under way. The architect was Eilert Smith with ancestors direct to one of the most powerful and richest genera in the 17th and 18th centuries of Stavanger. Daily leaders from the start were married couple Frida and Harald Hansen who came from director Lund's hotels in Stavanger. The hotel became both a local big room and a favorite place for visiting guests. From the start Strand Hotel Fevik had only 40 rooms with a total of 70 beds, but could still have up to 120 guests. 

The heyday 

With its idyllic location and high standards, Strand Hotel Fevik soon gained an exotic attraction to people from far and near. The aroma of adventurous dishes danced in the hallways, and grand events entertained the guests. Strand Hotel Fevik was well known as a popular dance place. Famous musicians contributed to extra enjoyment while eating and dancing. Finn Våland was a famous name at the hotel, and stuck in the summer season. Many guests were weeks stretching, and more returned summer after summer. One of them was the Scot McEvan. He came for the first time in 1937, and was a faithful guest to the late 70's. He was just called "Isvannet?" And then built up a Scottish myth. Another guest was the world famous author Roald Dahl, best known for his magical stories? Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ?,? Matilda? and the witches? The man with the unfathomable imagination visited Strand Hotel Fevik several summers along with his Oscar-rewarded actress-wife Patricia Neal. Roald Dahl lived in a simply decorated room with a porch so he could see the ocean early and late and find inspiration for his adventurous stories. 

Occupation and darkness 

The hotel enjoyed three good summer seasons before the war broke out in Norway, and Strand Hotel Fevik was occupied by German officers in April / May 1940. Thanks to then Director Frida Hansen and her husband Harald, the hotel was spared the big devastations. As soon as the hotel was released in 1945, it was refurbished and ready for reopening in 1946. However, the post-war years became difficult, and the hotel had to resort to neighboring farms to obtain raw materials. Soon after the war, the English people moved into the hotel for a great enthusiasm in the local community. The war was over and better times were waiting. A special war prisoner returned home after long years of German captivity. His name was Arne Bjørklund. In 1949 he captured the executive chair at Strand Hotel Fevik, and he operated the hotel until 1956 when Axel Lund took over the Strand Hotel Fevik at his own expense. He built the small annexe "Stjernen" on the other side of the hotel in 1957 and a cafeteria section on the road. 

An exotic chapter 

In 1961 something exotic came to Strand Hotel Fevik. Then Ms Espinoza took over as chief. She was married to an employee at the Cuban Embassy in Oslo, and ran the hotel ironically until 1975. Each winter, Mrs. Espinoza and the husband lived in Spain, and many culinary dishes therefore found the way to Strand Hotel Fevik. Few people know Mrs Espinoza's first name, but her personality has stuck in memory of many. She was a little generous with the smiles and a feared lady who has contributed to countless stories in the hotel. In 1975, the hotel was sold to Torbjørn Evenbye, which built the conference building and modernized a large part of the rooms. Following the acquisition of Uganda in 1982, the modernization and renovation were completed so that the original summer hotel is now full year hotels. Since then, the hotel has had several owners and before the current owners took over in June 1998, the hotel was owned by Choice Hotels v / Petter Stordalen. During this period there was also a lot of work and a lot of money spent in the renovation of rooms and tiling of all bathrooms. 

A new time 

In 2003 Strand Hotel Fevik received a new visionary director in Agnes Berntsen. With passion, dedication and many skilled employees, the grandeur is brought back. After a considerable refurbishment, the historic part of the hotel is once again dressed in the finest phase, and completely updated to today's requirements for standard and well-being. On October 28, 2010, the hotel opened Sørlandet's most beautiful course, conference and banking department, nice wellness area and 42 new hotel rooms / suites / apartments. The past and the story are carefully taken care of and gives the hotel the soul and personality. The architecture of the new building is carefully adapted and erected in complete harmony with the architecture of the historic part. Roger Hampton from the architectural firm Halvorsen & Reine AS has been the architect of the new hotel building. His vision is that Strand Hotel Fevik should be perceived as unique in its class and belonging to the unique environment it is part of. 

Classic Norway Hotels 

In March 2017, Strand Hotel Fevik changed ownership and is today part of Classic Hotels Norway. We welcome you to experience a new chapter of our history.