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Our values

with guests and colleagues

Strand Hotel Fevik's values ​​describe relationships with our guests and colleagues. Friendship - prudence -
knowledge and passion


Strong friendship exposes both closeness and consideration, trust and honesty. We must be true and strong in our relationships, both internally and to our guests. 


Wardrobes will characterize our corporate culture through open, clear and honest communication. Our ability to constantly hunt for solutions and opportunities both internally and for our guests must be our trademark. 


To seek knowledge is to show commitment. Knowledgeable employees display security and provide professional service. As a service? Employee, you must also take on the role of communicating our history and surroundings. 


Our days will be characterized by strong presence, high dedication and good mood. We will appear as a professional and skilled work team. Being passionate about the job does not mean working the most hours possible, but to offer the most possible smile and good experiences.